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Applications and forms are available online using the links below. Please note:

  • You will need to download the forms to your computer before filling them out. Do not fill out forms in your browser window.
  • Type the information into the forms and save them with a filename that includes your family name.
  • Do not worry about signing the forms. If you are accepted into the program you may do that at your enrollment appointment.
  • If it is easier to print the forms and fill them out by hand you may do so, then scan the forms.

Once you have the completed application and all supporting documents, send them as an attachment to If you are unable to access the documents online, email the Child Development Center to schedule an appointment to pick them up in person.

Download Application Packet

Download Additional Child Enrollment Form

Additional Required Documentation

1. Income and Schedule Documentation

  • Copy of most recent monthly statement of family income received (for example: Cash Aid, CalWorks/CalFresh, SSI, DSI, unemployment, child support, financial aid disbursement letter etc.)
  • For parents that are currently enrolled as students (provide for both parents if both are students):
    • Current semester college course schedule printout 
  • For parents that are currently employed (provide for both parents if both are working):
    • Employment Verification form or self-employment documentation
    • Copies of 3 most recent monthly pay stubs or self-employment documentation

If you are accepted into the program and offered an enrollment appointment, you will also need to provide:

2. Verification of Family Size

  • Copies of birth certificates for all children under the age of 18 in the home. If you are unable to obtain birth certificates for all children contact the Child Development Center for other acceptable documents.

3. Child Medical Information

  • Medical Allergy Statement signed by child's doctor if your child requires meal accommodations.
  • For preschool children only:
    • Physician’s Report signed by child’s doctor within the past year, including TB screening
    • Copy of front and back of child’s immunization card (all required immunizations must be up to date)


Your application will be accepted when you have all of the required documentation. Applications are then ranked based on family size and income. The lowest income families receive the highest ranking. CRC students are given priority over other students and working families. Higher income families may be accepted if space allows.

Once we have your complete application, allow two weeks for processing to find out if we will have a space for your child. Once you have been accepted you will be required to come in to complete additional paperwork before your child is enrolled.




Jennifer Patrick
Child Development Center Supervisor
(916) 691-7380


By appointment only. Call or email for more information.


Child Development Center Building (CDC)