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New Vaccine Requirement

Learn about the new vaccination policy, including incentives, how to submit your vaccine documentation, and how to access an on-campus vaccine clinic.

Ethics Symposium

CRC and Sacramento State present the 16th Annual Ethics Symposium held Sept. 29 to Oct. 13.

CRC Music: In the Studio

Please join us for CRC Music: In the Studio, a weekly series featuring innovative artists.

Internship Info Month

Join us for a month of virtual internship information sessions and skills workshops!

Online Classes in Canvas

Access your online classes in Canvas, our learning management system.

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This program provides training for entry-level employment in private industry, government accounting or for self-employment as a provider...

Advertising/Public Relations

This CRC program is part of CRC's offerings in Radio, Television and Film Production and is designed for students interested in careers in...


Agriculture is a vital component of our local, state, and national economies and offers many exciting employment opportunities.

Agriculture Business

Agriculture is a vital component of our local, state, and national economies and offers many exciting employment opportunities.

Allied Health

This program offers core pre-health courses designed for students enrolled in the Health Information Technology, Medical Assisting...

Animal Science

This program offers courses designed for students in the Agriculture Business, Veterinary Technology, and Equine Science programs.


Anthropology is the study of humans.

Architectural Design Technology

The Interior Building Architecture Program provides students with a background in Architectural Drafting.


This program offers students study and job-related experience in architectural drafting, construction techniques, design, rendering, and...


CRC's art curriculum offers introductory and intermediate level courses in painting, watercolor, digital art, drawing, sculpture, ceramics...

Automotive Mechanics Technology

The Automotive Mechanics Technology program emphasizes developing skills required for efficient diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of the...


CRC's Biology program includes courses for students transferring to nursing, allied health, or life science programs.

Broadcast Journalism

This CRC program introduces students to the field of broadcast journalism and prepares them for jobs, internships or transfer to a...

Building Inspection Technology

The Building Inspection Technology program has been developed to prepare individuals for employment in building inspection.


CRC's business programs are designed to provide an entrance into an exciting career.


All chemistry courses at CRC include a practical component where students conduct hands-on chemical experimentation in a modern...

Communication Studies

The role of communication in the workplace today has grown in importance, and workplace communication competencies are increasingly in...

Community Services Education

Our Community Services offerings enable you to improve the quality of your life through lifelong learning. These fee-based classes are...

Woman standing next to large computer servers

Computer Information Science

CRC computer information science programs include study in computer programming, information systems security, computer networking...


The Construction Technology programs at CRC are preparing students for work in new construction, remodel, and energy auditing industries.

Construction Management Technology

This CRC program offers training of management-level employees for the construction industry, as well as preparation for transfer to a...

Culinary Arts Management

This program provides training for employment in commercial culinary service operations.

Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies

CRC offers courses in Deaf Studies designed to introduce students to Deaf Culture and American Sign Language Studies.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The CRC Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) Program includes didactic, laboratory, and practicum components that are structured to...

Digital Media

This two-year instructional program is designed to provide skills for industry and for degree or transfer.

Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education degrees and certificates offer an interactive approach to acquiring the knowledge, skills, and disposition...


Economic studies analyze how people and societies produce various commodities and distribute them for consumption, now or in the future.


The Education/Teaching program is designed for students who wish to be teachers in public and private elementary schools.

Emergency Medical Technology

The Emergency Medical Technician Program is designed to fulfill the entrance requirements (along with one year of work experience) for many...


Engineering involves the application of scientific and mathematical principles used in design and in the solution of practical technical...


The English department teaches skills that are universal to every other discipline.

English as a Second Language

CRC offers a comprehensive ESL program with courses in grammar, listening/speaking, pronunciation, reading, and writing designed to provide...

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary and diverse field that gives voice to historically marginalized peoples and their perspectives by...

Family and Consumer Science

Cosumnes River College's course offerings in Family & Consumer Science are designed primarily to provide knowledge and skills in the areas...

Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies is designed to develop critical thinking and screenwriting skills while fostering a humanistic and social scientific...

Film/Digital Cinema Production

This Associate of Arts degree program is designed to provide skills in film production, digital cinema, and television through the...

Fire Technology

This CRC program is designed to provide the student with updated skills and knowledge necessary to complete and successfully apply for fire...

General Education

Learn about our General Education programs.

A chalkboard with molecules drawn on it and chemistry beakers

General Science

Our General Science program provides a broad study in the fields of biological and physical sciences.


Geography is the science of place and space. Geographers study the relationships among geographic places, natural systems, society...


Geology is the study of the origin and evolution of the earth, utilizing the principles of mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology.

Health Education

Health Education

Health Information Technology

The CRC Health Information Technology program is designed to train health information professionals with the knowledge and skills to...


The CRC History program offers a study of history which contributes to cultural literacy and develops critical thinking skills while...


Cosumnes River College offers the basic grammar and conversation courses in Hmong.


Designed specifically for academically accomplished students or those with the potential for high academic achievement.


These CRC programs offer students the opportunity to blend the disciplines of horticulture, construction, drafting and business into a...

Human Services

This CRC program prepares students for employment as para-professionals with agencies such as youth group homes, youth and family services...

Human/Career Development

Human/Career Development courses are designed to assist students with recognizing their full potential through developing self awareness...

Student artwork in campus art gallery


This program offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of classical, modern, American and non-Western humanities.

Interdisciplinary Studies

This CRC major is intended for students who wish a general background across several academic disciplines at the community college level.


The Journalism program is designed to train students in the writing, reporting and critical thinking skills required for jobs in the news...


The Cosumnes River College Kinesiology program offers a wide variety of classes, including Fitness, Dance, Aquatics, Individual Sports...

Liberal Arts

The Associate Degree in Liberal Arts is designed for students who wish a broad knowledge of liberal arts and sciences, plus additional...


The Cosumnes River College Library courses are designed to equip students with vital research skills, enabling their success in college...


This broad-based management program offers introductory courses as well as more specialized ones ranging from studies of the standard...


Marketing is a dynamic area of study that provides immediate job and career opportunities after one course or the completion of a degree...

Mathematics and Statistics

CRC’s Mathematics program offers a comprehensive mathematics curriculum addressing the needs of both transfer and non-transfer students.

Medical Assisting

The CRC Medical Assisting Program is designed to prepare competent entry-level medical assistants in the cognitive, psychomotor, and...

Two students experimenting in a modern making space

Modern Making

The modern making curriculum in development at Cosumnes River College will be ideal for makers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators...


The CRC music program includes vocal and instrumental components as well as courses on music, history theory and electronic music.


CRC’s Nutrition department offers an Associate’s Degree Program that is challenging, accessible, and rewarding.

Pharmacy Technology

The CRC Pharmacy Technology Program includes didactic, laboratory, and practicum components that are structured to facilitate the...


Philosophy is the logical examination of the fundamental issues people have pondered for over 2500 years.


The photography program is designed to teach entry-level skills for careers in the photographic industry.


The CRC Physics department offers a full array of transferable courses that fulfill both major and general education requirements.

Plant Science

This CRC program offers courses designed for students in the Agriculture, Agriculture Business, and Horticulture programs.

Political Science

The study of political science and international relations involves not only the examination of the structure of government and political...


Psychology concerns itself with the study of behavior of humans and other animals.

Radio Production

This Program concentrates on the audio portion of broadcasting, with emphasis on performing, editing, production and knowledge of radio...

Radio, Television and Film Production

This instructional program is designed to train students for skills needed in jobs requiring basic knowledge in Radio, Television or Film...

Real Estate

CRC offers, in addition to a Real Estate AA Degree, a variety of courses available which satisfy State of California prerequisites for Real...


Learn about Recreation courses offered at Cosumnes River College.



Social Justice Studies

The Social Justice Studies program will afford students the opportunity to develop a professional and scholarly approach from which to...

Social Science

The Social Science department offers classes in law and society and special studies in the areas of Mexican-American, Asian, and Native...

Social Work/Human Services

The Social Work/Human Services program prepares students for employment as para-professionals with agencies such as: youth group homes...


CRC offers courses and a degree in the study of human behavior in society. The discipline is concerned with the study of systems and how...


CRC offers the basic grammar and conversation courses in Spanish.

Television Production

This program is designed to provide skills in television and film production through the preparation of projects for campus, Cable TV and...

Theatre and Dance Arts

The two-year programs in Theatre Arts are designed to provide students with a broad spectrum of activities in all phases of play production.

Veterinary Technology

CRC’s Veterinary Technology program is designed to provide the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career as a...


CRC offers the basic grammar and conversation courses in Vietnamese.


The CRC welding program is designed for students interested in seeking employment or advancing employment in welding fabrication and...

Work Experience

Work Experience Education is a unique, experiential, academic program that allows individuals to apply what they've learned in the...