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Pathway to Completion

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CRC is making a transformation to help you, the student, to earn a degree or certificate in a timely manner. This transformation will simplify the process of applying, identifying, enrolling into the classes you need, and providing assistance/guidance when you need it.

Pathway to Completion focuses on structural reforms to make your college experience more transparent, supportive and easy to navigate.

  • We will provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about
    • What courses to take (based on your career choice),
    • What financial aid available to you,
    • What student support programs that may assist you, and
    • What degree/area you want to pursue based on your career choice.
  • We will help you understand the academic options, requirements and the labor market for a specific career to help you choose the major and academic goal that is right for you.
  • You will be provided with an intentional sequence of courses required for the program (degree or certificate), a predictable schedule, and frequent feedback with embedded guidance, counseling and academic support throughout your college experience to help you complete your program efficiently.

Why We Are Transforming Our Practices?

At CRC, we believe you deserve a college where you are empowered to improve the cultural, social economic, and environmental health of our communities. To do so, CRC is working on transforming your college experience by simplifying processes and providing you with the support you need. We are designing and implementing Pathway to Completion with the greatest of care and intention while seeking to empower a wider range of diverse students to succeed in higher education and career opportunities. 

What can you expect from this?

    • Minimize the uncertainly about what is required for a program/degree
    • Understand what services are available to you early on
    • Minimize excessive units/courses taken to reach your academic goal
    • Informed choices about your major and career options
    • Enroll in the classes you need