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Child Development Center

The Child Development Center will remain physically closed while the Los Rios Community College District continues remote operations. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, our colleges are primarily offering online courses and support services. The Child Development Center is continuing to offer distance learning for children ages 3 through 11 years and support services for families during this time.

For more information, contact the center by email at You may also visit our Facebook page for resources and information:

The Cosumnes River College Child Development Center is funded through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division. We are a state subsidized program. There are no fees charged for remote learning and support services.

Child Development Center Facility #343607290
School Age Program Facility #343607291

Healthy Schools Act

The Healthy Schools Act of 2000 requires that all child care centers provide parents or guardians of students with annual written notification of expected pesticide use at the center.

View our Integrated Pest Management Plan (PDF). The complete plan is also available for enrolled families to view upon request at the Child Development Center. If you have any questions please contact the center at (916) 691-7380.

Pesticides that may be used at the CRC Child Development Center during the year may include:

Trade Name

Landscape Use

Active Ingredient

Glyphosate 4

Herbaceous Weed Killer


Roundup Pro Max

Herbaceous Weed Killer


Turflon Ester

Kills broadleaf weeds in grass



Kills broadleaf weeds in grass

Potassium salt propionic acid


Kills nutsedge in grass

Methyl 5 carbonylaminosulfanyl


Kills insects


For more information visit the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is child care available?

Monday through Friday from 7:15 am to 5:00 pm throughout CRC's fall and spring semesters. We are closed the same days the campus is closed for holidays and winter and spring breaks.

Do you have to be a student at CRC to enroll your child at the Child Development Center?

No. However, as a state subsidized program, we do require that you are either enrolled at any learning institution (not just Los Rios schools) or employed. We give priority to CRC Students.

How many units do college students have to be enrolled in?

There is no minimum unit requirement, but we do have a minimum of 4 hours a day required. You do not have to be enrolled in classes every day of the week. Part time schedules are available. Your childcare hours can include class time, study time, lab time and work time.

How much does child care cost?

We are funded through the California Department of Education, Child Development Division - a state subsidized program. Therefore, low income families pay no fee and are given priority registration as spots are available. Higher income families pay a fee based on the CDE's sliding scale after determining their gross family income and family size. The staff at the CDC can help you determine if there would be a fee or not.

Is there a waiting list?

Typically, we do have a waiting list each semester because we enroll as many families as our licensed capacity allows prior to the beginning of the semester so students can begin on the first day of classes. Throughout the semester families drop for a variety of reasons and we refer to the waiting list to fill those openings. Once you are enrolled you have priority return for the following semester.

When are applications available?

The Child Development Center will remain physically closed while the Los Rios Community College District continues remote operations.

During normal operations, applications for fall semesters are available the previous November. Applications for Spring semesters are available the previous May.

Does the CDC have information about Early Childhood Education courses, degrees, certificates, or permits?

Although the CDC staff is very knowledgeable about the Early Childhood Education Department, it is best to speak with the Counseling Department at (916) 691-7316, the Business and Family Sciences Department at (916) 691-7226, or one of the full-time Early Childhood Education faculty members.

How can I get more information about the Child Development Center?

Faculty, Staff and interested families are always welcome to come in and see and learn more about the Cosumnes River College Child Development Center located east of the Science building, north of the SOC building and south of the Technology building. For more information contact the supervisor, Jennifer Patrick at (916) 691-7380 or


Jennifer Patrick
Child Development Center Supervisor
(916) 691-7380


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