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eServices Petitions

Many petitions can be submitted in eServices, including:

  • Academic Renewal
  • California Non-Resident Tuition Exemption
  • Course Repeat
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Exceed Unit Load
  • Late Add
  • Late Drop
  • Loss of Priority Registration or CCPG
  • Major and Educational Goal Change
  • Refund Request
  • Residency Reclassification
  • Student Data Change
  • Time Conflict

Select the petition name from the following list for information about the submission process.

Graduation Petitions

PDF and Document Petitions and Forms

  • Change of Data Form
    • Use this form to change data you entered incorrectly on your CCCApply Application or to update your information.
  • Enrollment Request Form
    • Use this form to add or drop classes at the Admissions and Records Office.
  • Pass/No Pass Grading Option
    • Use this form to receive a grade of P instead of an A, B, or C.
    • Use this form to receive a grade of NP instead of a D or F.
    • The Admissions and Records Office must receive this form before the published deadline established for your class.
  • Repeat Notification (Substandard Grades)
    • After you have repeated a course in which you previously earned a D, F, NC, or NP, use this form to request that the substandard grade not be calculated in your grade point average or progress percentage.
  • Request Transcripts From Other Colleges
    • Complete and send this form to another college to have your transcript sent to CRC.
  • Student Petition
    • Note: You can petition for Late Drop, Late Add, and Unauthorized Repeat using an online form in eServices. Log in to eServices, click Student eForms and Petitions, click Admissions and Records, then click the appropriate petition form.
    • Use the Student Petition PDF form to request an exception to college policies. Though students have the right to submit this petition, the college may not be able to approve the request.