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Promise Programs

What is the Los Rios Promise Program?

The Los Rios Promise Program covers the cost of tuition for eligible students, up to 15 units. You may also hear it referred to as California Promise or AB-19 (Assembly Bill 19) and AB-2 (Assembly Bill 2).

Costs Covered

The Promise Program covers:

  • Resident tuition and enrollment fees (the cost of your classes) for up to 15 units, at $46 per unit

Costs Not Covered

The Promise Program does not cover:

  • Health Services fee
  • Student Representation fee
  • Books
  • Transportation
  • Living expenses

Eligibility Requirements

Student eligibility is based on funding availability. To be eligible, you must:

Eligibility for Mid-Year and First-Time New Recipients

Students are only eligible for the Los Rios Promise Program for two consecutive award years beginning with their initial enrollment in the summer/fall term. If your first enrollment is the spring term, then you are only eligible for 1.5 years (not the full two years), provided that you meet the enrollment and FAFSA completion deadline.

Eligibility for a Second Year of the Los Rios Promise Program

The second year of eligibility is reviewed for all students who received the waiver in their first year under the Los Rios Promise Program or were eligible for the California College Promise Grant in their first year. Second-year eligibility is contingent upon funding. Second-year students will automatically be awarded if they:

  • Submit the FAFSA/CADAA by the deadline.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 units by the enrollment date requirement.
  • Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA, with a 66.67% cumulative completion rate (learn more about SAP).

You must contact the Financial Aid office if you are transferring in from another California community college. Students transferring from a college or university outside of California are not eligible for the Los Rios Promise Program.


Semester Deadline for Completed/Processed FAFSA/CADAA Deadline to be Enrolled in 12 or More Units
Summer 2024 N/A June 19, 2024
Fall 2024 August 16, 2024 September 9, 2024
Spring 2025 January 10, 2025 February 3, 2025

Applications must be completed and processed by the deadlines. "Processed" means that you must have received communication from the Department of Education indicating you have successfully submitted your FAFSA and you received an email from Los Rios indicating your FAFSA has been received, or – if you completed a CADAA – then you received communication from the California Student Aid Commission indicating you have successfully submitted your CADAA and you received an email from Los Rios indicating your CADAA has been received. Please plan accordingly and complete the applications at least three weeks before the deadlines.

Student eligibility is based on funding availability. If you are determined eligible and then do not enroll for subsequent terms (excluding summer) by the enrollment dates, then you will be ineligible for the program without an opportunity to regain eligibility.


How is a "first-time student" defined?

Students entering college directly from high school, students who attended adult school to complete their high school graduation requirements, or students who have never attempted college units are considered "first-time" students.

Am I still a first-time student if I earned college credit while in attending high school or adult school to complete my high school education?

Yes! College credit earned while in high school (Dual Enrollment or Advanced Education) or adult school does not affect your eligibility for the Los Rios Promise Program as long as you haven't yet earned a degree or certificate. However, students who earn a college certificate or degree while in high school are not eligible for this tuition waiver.