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CRC students may choose courses in the various disciplines of science to meet any of several objectives. Courses are designed to: Prepare students for transfer and continuation of studies at other colleges or universities (chemistry, biology, medicine, etc.); meet general education requirements for non-science majors; prepare students for immediate entry into a science-based technology career; and provide for career advancement and continuing education.

Many courses include hands-on practical experience and/or opportunities for work experience in local industry and business.

The student, in consultation with a counselor, should choose science courses to meet his or her program, transfer, or general education requirements. The Counseling Center also has information regarding science requirements for transfer to other four-year institutions.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • A.S. in Environmental Studies & Sustainability
  • A.S. in General Science
  • A.S. in Geography
  • Sustainability Certificate