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Library Hours

Library Hours

Library Hours

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Elk Grove Center Library Services

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Library Staff

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About the Library


The library advances the mission of Cosumnes River College and supports the educational, career, and life goals of our students by providing current and relevant information, collections, resources, and instruction to the college’s diverse community.


The library provides information resources and teaches critical thinking and information literacy skills essential to our students’ educational endeavors, careers, and experience as lifelong information consumers and creators.


The library provides open and equitable access to information to the college community.

We collaborate with our colleagues to support all disciplines, programs, and viewpoints.

We work to create a multi-format library collection that is accurate, fair, diverse, relevant, comprehensive, and current.


The Library at Cosumnes River College is located in the three-story Library building situated in the center of the campus. This building is also home to several other support services. The Library's entrance is located on the second floor. Elevator access to the Library collection and facilities is located on the first floor near the north entrance of the Library building.


The Library provides a collection to support research and personal enrichment, and a professional staff, technology, and study space to support the students, faculty and staff of Cosumnes River College. Our services include: circulating library materials (books and media), a reference and print serials collection (for in-library use only), access to dozens of online research databases, computers, printing and copying, reserve textbooks and course materials, group and individual study areas, reference services, and library instruction.


The CRC Library strives to make its tools accessible by all students and provides the following resources:

Elevator access to the library: The library is accessible by elevator on the first floor of the Library building next to Media Services. Library staff can operate the elevator for students as needed.  Students who need regular access to campus elevators should contact DSPS for assistance.

Accessible computers: Within the library, students have access to two computer workstations which offer a larger monitor, Zoom Text keyboards, and ZoomText Magnifier/Reader software. The computer in the main library also includes Dragon Voice Recognition software. A special headset with microphone can be checked out from the circulation desk. Note: Library staff is not trained on accessibility software. Students should contact DSPS for assistance and training.

Closed captioned media: The library collects videos and DVDs which are closed captioned whenever possible.

Electronic resources: The library provides a variety of online resources including our library website, research databases, and research guides. These services are 508 compliant, and further information on our vendor policies can be found at the following links:

The CRC Library partners with DSPS to make other library materials accessible to students as needed. If you have any questions, please contact the CRC Reference desk at (916) 691-7265.

Friends of the Library

Join the Cosumnes River College Friends of the Library and become a member to gain access to library services if you are not a current CRC student, staff, or faculty. Membership privileges include borrowing books and using library computers. For details and membership please fill out the Friends of the CRC Library form.


Faculty Positions: None at this time.

Staff Positions: None at this time.

Student Positions: We are continuously accepting applications for student assistants. To apply, contact the Circulation Desk at (916) 691-7266 or come by the Library.


Donate to the Cosumnes River College Friends of the Library fund and help support special library services, such as purchasing required textbooks for students to use in the Reserve Collection. Make an online tax-deductible contribution to CRC Friends of the Library today.

Library Lines Newsletter

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