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CRC Library Research Tutorials

Los Rios Librarians provide a series of tutorials to help students learn how to be successful researchers. You will embark on a journey to understand the purpose of research, develop effective research strategies, and familiarize yourself with the Library's primary research tool, OneSearch. You will learn how to select the best sources to meet their research needs and how to prevent plagiarism through proper citation. 

Each tutorial takes approximately 30 minutes and includes reading, video, graphics, practice exercises, and a quiz. After passing the module's quiz with a score of 75% or more, you will unlock a certificate of completion, which can be printed, emailed, or submitted through Canvas. Faculty may assign the tutorials (in full or select ones) for credit in their courses or may recommend a tutorial to help a student gain relevant research skills. 

The six tutorials cover the following topics:

  • What is Research?
  • Getting Started with Research
  • OneSearch Basics
  • Evaluating Sources (revised 2023)
  • Fact-check: Understanding Misinformation and Disinformation
  • Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism (revised 2022)

Note: The MLA and APA citation tutorials have been discontinued. Basic elements of APA and MLA style are taught in the newly revised Citing Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism module, and the library provides additional information on citation styles through our handouts and guides.

Take the Tutorial Course

Here is a quick how-to video to help you get started taking our Library Tutorial course.

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