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The Cosumnes River College Library is a support service promoting college success and life-long learning. The library gives students access to a world of information. Library staff are here to help; please ask if you need assistance with finding or using library materials.

Checking Out Library Materials

Students who are enrolled in a class at a Los Rios College during the current semester are able to borrow materials from the CRC Library. Faculty and staff who are currently employed also have borrowing privileges. Emeriti, alumni, and community members may establish a Friends of the Library account for borrowing privileges. Visit the Library FAQs for current information on library hours and services.

Library Card and My Library Account

Your Student Access Card can be used as your library card. When using it, you agree to abide by Cosumnes River College's Library Borrowing Policy. You are responsible for any library items that are borrowed on your card. Library loans may also be initiated by requesting materials via OneSearch using your single sign-on. You are responsible for any library materials borrowed from a OneSearch request.

Visit My Library Account to renew items, view charges, and see your reading history. Check your Los Rios Gmail account for notices about requested items, overdue books, or fines.

Borrowing Guidelines

Check out limits indicate how many library items you can check out at a time. The check out period indicates how long you can borrow a library item. Loan periods range from two hours to one semester depending on the item. All library materials are due back by the last day of the semester.

Item Type Check Out Period Check Out Limit
Circulating Books and DVDs 3 weeks 12 items
Reserve Textbooks (Short-term) 2 hours 1 item
Reserve Textbooks (Long-term) 10 days, 1 semester 2 items
Reference Books and Periodicals Library Use Only No limit
Equipment 1 day No limit
Equipment 1 semester 2 items

Renewing Library Material

You may find you need to use an item a little longer. Here’s how library materials may be renewed.

Item Type Renewal Guidelines
Circulating Books and DVDs Renewals are automatic until the end of the current semester, unless another person has requested the item.
Reserve Textbooks and Materials (Long-term) Items with a 10-day loan period are automatically renewed until the end of the current semester, unless another person has requested the item. Other Reserve materials are not renewable.

If another person requests an item you have borrowed, renewals will not be allowed and the item must be returned by the due date specified. You will receive an email notification of the due date from the Los Rios Libraries. View your My Library Account to check the due date for materials you have on loan.

Requesting Items from a Los Rios Library

You can request books from any Los Rios Library for pickup at the CRC library or Elk Grove campus. Requests that are designated to be picked up at the CRC Library will be delivered to a library locker. Locate the book in OneSearch and then select the Request button to complete the request. It may take a few days for books to arrive at your preferred pickup location.

Request Books from Other Libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Students, staff, and faculty may request books from outside the Los Rios Library System for delivery to the CRC library, free of charge. You may check out up to three books at a time from other libraries. Please visit Interlibrary Loan for more information and to place a request.

Locker Borrowing Policy

The Library will deliver requested books, videos, and other library materials through no-contact pickup lockers. The following outlines the borrowing process for locker pickups. All other borrowing policies and terms apply to items delivered through the no-contact pickup lockers.

  • Items delivered through a locker will be checked out to the borrower through the library system before delivery to the locker.
  • When library items are ready for pickup, instructions will be sent from the locker system to the borrower’s email.
  • The borrower may view the checkout term and due date through their My Account login.
  • The borrower may cancel the request anytime, even if they have received a pickup notification.
  • The borrower may opt-in to receive sms notifications from the locker system.
  • Borrowers have five days after they have received a pickup notification to pick up their library items from the locker.
    • If the borrower does not pick up the item from the locker during the allotted time, the item will be removed from the locker. The loan will be removed from the borrower’s library record and the item will become available to other patrons.
  • The lockers are available during designated times of the semester and will be locked up at all other times.
  • The lockers are located in the Business and Social Science (BS) building near the Disabled Support Programs and Services office in room BS-104. Find out more about the library pickup lockers in our FAQ: Where are the library lockers and how do I use them?

Returning Library Materials

All items should be returned on or before the due date, and all items will be due by or before the end of the current semester. Circulating items may be returned to any campus library but reserve items must be returned to the library from which they were borrowed.

You can return items in the library during open hours or anytime in the return dropboxes on campus.

Overdue Materials

The Library encourages students to be mindful of due dates and times and return loans when they are due. If you do not know when your library item is due, you can check online at My Library Account.

The Library does not charge overdue fines; however, patrons with overdue materials will be unable to borrow additional library materials until the overdue loan is resolved.

Lost and Damaged Materials Charges

For items that are lost, damaged, or never returned to the library, patrons will be charged the replacement cost of the material. Library staff will assess the current replacement cost of out-of-print materials. Replacement cost charges may be removed if the item is returned to the library.

Paying Library Fees

See our frequently asked questions for current instructions for paying library fines or fees.

Appealing Library Fees

The CRC Library charges fees for materials that are lost to the library. You have the option of appealing charges if you feel that the charge has been inappropriately applied or that there are circumstances that should be taken into consideration. Appeals must be made within 30 days of the billing date.

To appeal a fee submit the Library Fine/Fee Appeal Form, attaching any necessary supporting documents. Your appeal will be reviewed and investigated by a Library Fines Appeal Committee. You will be notified of the committee's decision via your Los Rios email.

Friends of the Library

If you are not a currently enrolled Los Rios student or a currently employed faculty or staff member, you may apply for a Friends of the Cosumnes River College Library account. Friends of the CRC Library may borrow up to three items from the CRC Library. Friends of the Library do not have the ability to request materials from other Los Rios Libraries nor do they have the ability to utilize interlibrary loan services.

To learn more, fill out the Friends of the Cosumnes River College Library application form.