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A computer image of DNA

What do Ebola, hemophilia, DNA fingerprinting, sequoias, cuttlefish, intertidal zones, and global climate change have in common? These are a few examples of the diverse topics that are explored in Biology, which is the scientific study of living organisms including their structure, function, evolution, and interactions with other organisms and with the environment. The CRC Biology Department offers a variety of courses that are organized into the following three areas:

  • Clinically related courses for students pursuing careers in nursing and allied health (BIOL 100, 102, 430, 431, 439 and 440)
  • The first two years of a Biology major for those transferring to Bachelor Degree programs in fields related to the life sciences (BIOL 400, 410, and 420)
  • General education courses for non-science majors who want to gain an understanding of the biological world (BIOL 300, 307, 308, 309, 310, 342, 350, 352, 390 and 485)

Students who transfer to four-year universities report a very high level of satisfaction with the education they received at CRC.