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Cosumnes River College has appreciated outstanding support from individuals, businesses, and professionals throughout the Sacramento and Elk Grove region. This support allows us to provide the margin of excellence that makes the difference between an adequate educational experience and an exceptional one. Our Community Partners provide scholarships, support programs, and helps us expand our facilities to meet the needs of our growing community. We are truly grateful for their engagement with our campus community and students.

Friends of CRC

Formed in September 2018, Friends of CRC (Friends) is a representative group of volunteer members who live and work in the Elk Grove/Sacramento region. Group members are dedicated community activists, interested professionals and valued volunteer leaders. Recruitment and selection of Friends members emphasizes diverse perspectives; members are drawn from throughout the region to reflect the needs and concerns of various ethnic, economic, and cultural groups within the greater Elk Grove/Sacramento area.

Membership in Friends of CRC is voluntary with no set term limits which allows engagement at a level which has meaning and impact to the member.

Patrons Club

Patrons Club photo

Formed in 1971, 10 local residents met with CRC’s first president to organize a group to act as liaison between the then new college and the community it would serve. Calling themselves the Patrons Club, the members agreed to hold monthly luncheon meetings on campus, with programs to orient members to the operation and needs of the college. As the years passed, membership grew; but the work of the Patrons Club never varied from the original goal of raising money for student scholarships and providing funds for special projects on campus. In 1972, the club donated $1,250 for scholarships and college needs. By 1974, that sum rose to $1,600. The club currently gives nearly $13,000 annually in scholarships. The Patrons Club offers several scholarships for CRC students.

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In addition to supporting scores of students with scholarships, the Patrons have financed other campus needs including choir robes, draperies, a bus shelter, library books, trophy cases, trees, helping the Child Development Center, and establishing a President's portrait gallery.

 As CRC continues to grow, so does the work of the Patrons. Members have organized a variety of activities to raise much-needed funds. They support students and remain an effective liaison between the campus and community — the goal of the organization when it was founded almost 50 years ago.

Sheri Spitaleri is President of the Patrons Club for the 2022-2023 academic year.