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Assistive Technology Lab

The Assistive Technology Lab (Formerly High Tech Center) at Cosumnes River College provides the following services for students with disabilities who are eligible for the service:

  • Training on adaptive hardware and software
  • Access to computers for test accommodations
  • Access to adaptive computers for homework assignments when adaptive computers are not available in other labs

Hardware and software available

  • JAWS screen reader
  • ZoomText extra large print display
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech recognition software)
  • Natural Reader (text to speech software for students with learning disabilities)
  • Specialized mouse and keyboards
  • Scanner
  • CCTV document magnifier

Training Sessions

Technology Assessment & Assistive Technology Lab Orientation (30 Minutes)

  • First step for students to receive additional training
  • Assess technology ability and provide resources
  • Assistive Technology Lab Resources & Rules overview

CCTV Document Magnifier (30 Minutes)

  • For students with low-vision
  • Enlarges documents
  • Change text & background colors

Low-Vision & Blind Assistive Software (30 Minutes)

  • ZoomText (screen enlargement/magnification)
  • Jaws (screen reader)

Document Reader Basics (30 Minutes)

  • For students with learning disabilities
  • Reads aloud various document formats: Word, PDF, etc.

Dragon Naturally Speaking (2 hours)

  • Voice recognition & speech dictation
  • Limited use of keyboard & mouse

Mobile Device Orientation— iOS & Android: iPhone, iPad, & Android (30 Minutes)

  • Accessibility settings: Zoom, voice over/talk back, contrast
  • Including e-book apps, accessibility settings, notetaking, and other apps

Mac OS X Accessibility Settings (30 Minutes)

  • Learn Apple Mac OS X accessibility settings
  • Zoom, voice over, contrast, speech and dictation

Live Scribe Pen (30 Minutes)

  • Records lectures as you take notes
  • Notetaking skills

(916) 691-7275
(916) 691-7398


CRC Main Campus
Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Business and Social Science, BS104