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Home Student Resources Disability Support (DSPS) Request Accommodation Letters

To request accommodation letters, please fill out the online form below. Please be aware students must:

  • Be a current CRC DSPS program student.
    • Students with a current GPA below 2.0, on probation or dismissal are encouraged to meet with a counselor.
  • Be currently enrolled (and not waitlisted) in the CRC classes you are listing below.
  • If you are enrolled in classes at another Los Rios College, you will need to request accommodations through that campus’s DSPS Office for classes at that campus. Also, if you are coming from another Los Rios Campus, you must enroll in DSPS to meet with a CRC DSPS Counselor to start receiving accommodations at CRC.
  • Do you need to modify accommodations, request classroom furniture, or address questions with a counselor? If yes, then you must make an appointment to see a counselor.
  • If you are requesting an ASL interpreter, real-time captioner, or classroom assistant (for on-ground courses) please make an appointment with the counselor. Do not use this online request form.
  • Submit this request at least two weeks before your classes begin if you would like your memo(s) for the first week of class.