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Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) helps prepare underrepresented students in obtaining a calculus-based four-year degree in areas such as engineering, the sciences, computer science, and mathematics. MESA has particular focus on students from those groups who historically have had the lowest levels of attainment to four-year and graduate level programs. MESA is supported by industry so students can learn firsthand about career options, special scholarships and internships. For more information about MESA, visit the MESA Statewide Website.

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MESA is an equity program that was born out of the civil rights movement during the 1960s. For over 50 years MESA has served students who are historically excluded in education, and specifically in the STEM fields. MESA’s community college level program produces a diverse population of transfer-ready students to advance their STEM educational journeys in 4-year university programs.

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MESA Coordinator
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MESA Student Personnel Assistant
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