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Restore Our Earth

Take action to sustain our planet during Earth Week and all year long!

Why Wait For Earth Day?

You can make a difference everyday!

23 Places to Start

Ecological Footprint Calculator

What is your ecological footprint? Just as each of us leaves a footprint in the sand, each of us also leaves an ecological footprint on the earth because of our lifestyle and practices. All living organisms use resources and generate waste, however, humans use and produce the largest portions.

The ecological footprint is a calculator to help us keep track of the balance sheets - how much is being used and how much is being regenerated by nature. This way, we can make informed choices with both short-term and long-term benefits and use our resources wisely.

Aerial photo of a forest with lakes shaped like footprints

Try the Footprint Calculator

Zoom Background

Show your support during Earth Week – download and use a custom Zoom background image.

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Earth Week Zoom Image