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The Class of 2021

Congratulations Graduates!

Cosumnes River College would like to congratulate all graduating students on reaching this important milestone! Your hard work, academic success, and perseverance is to be commended, especially during this past year.

Curbside Commencement

Cosumnes River College will be holding a fun Curbside Commencement event to celebrate all CRC graduates on Wednesday, May 19 from 4:00 to 7:00 pm at the Main CRC campus! The "drive-thru" commencement route will feature music and cheer stations where special treats will be handed out, culminating with graduates receiving their diploma cover while faculty and staff cheer you on. This will be a healthy and safe outdoor event. Face masks will be worn and all social distancing protocols will be followed. Learn More

Share Your Achievement

We invite all graduates to tell their personal stories and share this experience with their classmates and loved ones via social media. When posting, be sure to tag Cosumnes River College ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and use the #CRCgrad2021 hashtag.

A Letter from Dr. Edward Bush, CRC President

Dear CRC Graduates,

Congratulations! Please allow me to be one of many to salute you on your graduation from Cosumnes River College. The world we assumed would welcome you, our graduates, with open arms has changed in ways we could have never imagined or adequately prepared for. Those of us at CRC celebrate what you have accomplished, especially under these difficult times.

More than a year ago, colleges and universities around the country moved to online learning almost exclusively and it created a new reality that we must all continue to adjust to. It is important to pause as we acknowledge your resilience, intellect, and grit. You have met all the academic requirements of your program, but even more than that, the life lesson of an uncertain tomorrow was also learned. Your adjustment and preparation for the future is going to require practical skills that exist beyond face-to-face and virtual classroom instruction.

You must now all be trailblazers in this new world that is before you. Adapt accordingly, but know that all of your studying, researching, reading, test-taking, presenting, writing, and overall engagement has and will pay off. If you cannot find a job, create one. These uncertain times will demand your creativity and critical thinking to solve the new challenges you may face.

Whether you are heading straight into the workforce or transferring to a university, this new reality may reframe your choices in the immediate future. As we begin to see glimpses normalcy, remember that life is a journey, not a destination that requires continuous growth.

We are proud of you and excited to share in this moment of celebration. As you move forward, I hope you remember your time here at Cosumnes River College with fondness. I know many of you will stay connected to some of your professors or staff who made a difference in your life. I wish the best for each one of you on your future goals and consider it a pleasure to have had you with us.

Congratulations to you, the class of 2021! I am excited to witness how you shape and create a new reality for us all.


Dr. Edward Bush
Cosumnes River College

Commencement Program

All Cosumnes River College graduates who participate in Curbside Commencement will receive a printed copy of the 2020-2021 Commencement program, which includes the full listing of Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 graduates, and Spring 2021 prospective graduates. To view and/or download a digital version of the Commencement program, or to share it with friends and family, click on the button below.

View 2020-2021 Commencement Program

Graduating Students

Summer 2020 Graduates

Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49.

**Highest Honors (Gold Tassels)
Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.5 to 4.0.


Onomeasike Iveren Akhidenor*
Pargat Singh Atwal
Cyle Kiyoshi Ayers


Shannon Bailey
Barbara Bassham*
Mia Bellecci**
Simar Bimb*


Melissa Yajaira Caballero*
Anna Cernomorcenco*
Lauren Chambers*
Sabrina Chao*
Emily Chen**
Tung Chu*
Brianna Lynn Chuong*
Kelsey Elizabeth Cooper*
Neil Daniel Dizon Coronica
Zaira Cruz


Dana Marie Daniels**
Ahmad Dawud*
Sarah J. Delgado**
Mai Thi Hoang Dinh**
Dylan Bradley Dinsdale
Denis A. Donetskov
Deyu Du**


Madhavi Eranti**
Timothy Troy Fair
Mahnoor Fatima**
Maria Melisa Floriano Muniz*
Jasmin Chavez Fonseca


Vanessa Garcia Garcia*
Priscilla Garcia-Pargas*
Selena Del-Carmen Garcia-Pena
Evalenn Gatbonton
Darwin Gilliam
Esmeralda Leandra Gonzalez
Joel Alberto Gutierrez


Lindsay Haren*
Mary Hassan
Tianlin He
Samuel Her
Juan Hernandez
Xuanxian Huang
Anh H. Hung


Daniel Kenneth Jeanes
Mark Donald Jennett*
Dejeune Anise Johnson
Howard Johnson
Griselda Juan Pedro*
Gurleen Kaur*
Nauman Khattak
Trung Giang Khuu**
Brandon Kong


Ann Valerie Lafradez
Marissa Nikkol Lange*
Quynh Nhu Le**
Christie Lee
Melissa Long**
John Jermaine Cano Lopez*
Marishia Lopez*


Bernard Mabinton*
Cassandra Macleod**
Shirley Maharaj
Josue Manquera
Camila Sofia Marin**
Lisette Maysonet
Aliyah Alyse McRae
Elizabeth Marie Mena*
Andrea Meyer
Carsen Kennedie Mitchell**
Maria Angela Moore*
Alejandro Cesar Mora*
Desiree R. Moreno
Juan Carlos Moreno
Anna Moua*


Nimra Nadeem*
Neha Natasha*
Duy Ba Nguyen**
Hang Minh Nguyen**
Helen Nguyen


Jade Allyson Omandam**
Micah A. Patterson**
Claudia Pena
Valerie E. Perrotta*
Mindy Phan*
Alyssa Nichole Pinto
Priyashna Prasad
Timsi Avinielta Prasad


Bailey Lauren Richardson
Keisha Roxanna Riddick*
Makenzi Paige Roberson*
Serina Monique Rosales
Zahra Rubab**


Devinh Saechao*
Bonnie Lynn Saich**
Destiny Savage*
Bertina Denise Scales*
Tiffany Scott*
Tamara Semeniuk**
Yian Yarn Sengon*
Shirley Serrano*
Kyle Thomas Sessions*
Jamie Shepard**
Brandon Erik Shintaku
Huda Siddiqui**
Ngan Chan Sin**
Anmoldip Singh**
Jessica Singh
Brianna Sipes**
Dominic Smith
Shelley Sousa*
Anecita Monsanto Sullivan


Vanessa Paj Zaub Thao
Shaveera Thind*
Andrea Lynette Thompson
Ronald Cuevas Titco
Luz Jasmin Toribio
Tasha Toy**
Sienna My Huynh Thi Tran**
Victoria Monica Tran*
Sulindar Trimble
Maylen Trinh


Houa Vue
Kou Vue*
Melissa R. Walker*
Ellen Frances Wilson
Brandon Jordaan Woods
Irma Zambrano*
Ting Zhang

Fall 2020 Graduates

Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 to 3.49.

**Highest Honors (Gold Tassels)
Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.5 to 4.0.


Briana L. Abarca Cervantes**
Anika Cyra Nicolas Aglubat*
Shavana Marie Ahmed**
Michael John-Paul Aiello*
Adham Alaya**
Azizah Ali**
Famiza Nisha Ali
Christopher Alexander Allen
Elizabeth Griselda Alvarez
Barbara Alves
Alfredo Urbiztondo Asuncion**
Sonia Kaur Aujla*
Aliyah Ausmer


Emal Jalil Babakarkhil**
Alka Badhan*
JB Baker*
Kellyann Lei-lani Balanay*
Bilal A. Baloch**
Alyssa Ruth Bangs**
Sabeeha Fatima Baqui**
Angelica Kate Bernardez*
Nataly Guadalupe Betancourt*
Manivanh Nanthavongsa Borja
Melissa Borroel
Angela Bravo
Anthony Ray Brown
Stephanie Grace Brown*
Sabrina Nicole Burt*


Charlah Ashley S. Calizar*
Meghan Eileen Callahan**
Matthew Jeremiah Cambaliza**
Carlos A. Campa Navarro**
Noelle Cristina Campbell*
Noelle Cristina Campbell*
Nicholas James Carberry
Austin David Carr
Isabel Verenice Carrillo*
Margarita Soledad Carrillo*
Ivan Mauricio Castro
Adrianna Gabriela Cecena*
Jessica Chac*
Emily N. Chasengnou*
Mui A. Chau*
Zina Chen*
Katelyn Clark**
Aliajha Collins
Jon Congjuico*
Christina Michelle Corona**
Jose Luis Correa*
Alba Nydia Cortez*
Karlie Alexis Crewse


Julionah Monae Dahdouh**
Ghulam Dastgeer
Taunie Marie Davis
Erica Dawes-Evans*
Sarah Nicole Dean*
Steven K. Deckard*
Patrice Andria Delara**
Geenita Devi*
Jesse C. Dewhurst*
Andrea Michelle Dimal**
Huy Do**
Gerlyn Battulayan Domingo*
Kuljit Kaur Dosanjh
Leah Drost
Thuy Duong**


Imaan Yusuf Elmi*
Vy Thuy Ergonis
Anna Vanessa Escobar
Gabriela Adriana Escobar**


Rozeta Faizi
Connie Fields
Emily Ann Fisher**
Evila Flores
Marissa Kristiana Forster**
Karen Madariaga Fucanan


Jacob David Gamino*
Sebastian Diego Garcia*
Natalie Garcia Nino
Ariela Raelynne Garnica*
Sean Gildea*
Sydney Alexis Giovannoni*
Carolina Gomez
Chelsey Carmella Gomez*
Vincent Larry Gonzales
Silvia Gonzalez de Garcia*
James Airic Grabill
Valeria Favian Granados*
Kayla Granderson
Linda A. Greenhagen**
Vidak Grubac**
Helen Mekebebe Gurmessa*
Antonella Gutierrez
Ubaldo Emilio Guzman


Jake Tyler Hargis*
Miki Marie Helmick**
Samuel Joseph Hernandez
Adriana Isabel Hernandez-Rivera*
Terri Lynn Hicklin*
Brandon Hinojoza
Tony Tan Ho
Katharyne Trucuyen Hoang
Lay M. Hoang**
Mariah Paige Holder
Joshua Allen Hooper*
Justin Huy Hua
Manting Huang**
Tyra Humphrey
Han Xuan Hy**


Ella Ivanov**
Nijmeh Jaber**
Michael Jaramillo
Jimmy Yee Jew**
Taranjit Johl*
Taylor Jolie
Anthonette Erica L. Jonsay**
Harmony Jordan


Reda Chekole Kahsay
Gurpreet Kaur
Maninder Kaur*
Ramandeep Kaur*
Subneet Kaur
Erica Lynn Keith*
Clayton Jarrett Kennedy*
Najib R. Khaliqzada**
Maheen S. Khan*
Saqif Ayaat Khan*
Jeremy Michael Kolb*
Ricky Kong


Francisco Laramier
Genevie Lei Lau
George Khoa Le
Krista Vy Le*
Lynn My Le*
Alice Lee
Jessica Racheal Lee
Shawn Thomas Lemon*
Wilhelm Frederick Noel Lichnock
Anne Liu*
Ka Hei Liu**
Yefen Liu**
Chaotou Lo
Wayne Prince Locke*
Zikia L. Longsworth
Natalie Annette Lopez*
Nancy J. Lopez Lopez
La Lor*
Courtney Kay Lozano**
Lauren Ann Lunetta
Gary Cheung Luong*
Nhuc Din Luong**
Jennifer Ly


Dennis Ken Ma*
Megan Ma*
Wenqiang Ma**
Michael J. Maalouf**
Patronella Machavangu
Stephanie Nicole Mahlberg**
Darnie Mak*
Roberto Maldonado*
Jasmine Mangoba*
Jeremy Mar
Eva Carolyn Masters**
Viviana H. Maurno**
Christin L. McCann
Rachael Madonna McKinney*
Andrew Mendiola**
Juan Carlos Mendoza*
Brandon Menge
Na’Dia Merriweather
Katherine R. Meyer**
Jaylene Malia Mize*
Jacob River Momen*
Alexzandra Monford*
Spencer Moran*
Corey Mun
Stefani R. Murata
Tanner Murphy*


Navishek Naidu*
Joshua Felipe Narciso
Emerald Sunset Nash
Ravina Devika Nath
Becky Elizabeth Nelson*
Eric Ngai
Anh Hoang Nguyen*
Brandon T. Nguyen
Chanh Q. Nguyen
Matthew Tien Nguyen*
Michael George Nguyen
Phuong Quynh Nguyen**
Thanh Phuong Nguyen*
Timothy Thien Sanh Nguyen*
Tong Nguyen**
Zainab Fofanah Nicholson
Camren Brenden Nigrana-Calvillo*
Shaeauna B. Nutt**


Alexander Luke Ohnemus**
Viktoriya Viktorivna Oleksiyenko**
Jared Christopher Hallig Ong
Rosa Elena Orantes**
Anica Elaine Orozco
Yuliana Orozco


Joy Christy Palomino
Thomas Joshua Palomino*
Jean Riggs Santana Pangilinan*
David Leroy Paris*
Daniel Parks**
Mina Habri Parwani*
Thuan Phan*
Chau Nguyen Minh Phung**
Gina Michelle Plescia-Venegas
Lacy Podesta**
Irene Katheryn Porter
Ashika Lata Prasad*
Shannon Shalene Prasad*
Shonald Prasad
Inna Petrovna Pulukchu*
Jovandeep Singh Purewal*


Cindy Quan*
M. Mansoor Ramin**
Natasha Briana Ramirez
Andres Ramos Sanchez
Neha Rani*
Linda Reed*
Mhayra Monzzerrath Reyes
Patricia Beech Ricarte
Andrew Cole Richardson
Sonia Rachel Riley
Jennifer Rizo*
Alejandra Rodriguez*
Emma Elizabeth Rogers*
Julian Yanez Roldan*
Trevor Rosas-Dahl
Rebecca Routh*
Eric Jesus Ruiz*
Sergio Jr. Ruiz*
Sofiya Russ**


Emal Sadid
Gabrielle Annalee Saechao*
Miya Saechao**
Janice Saelee
Ashley Saephan*
Natalie Mae Saephan
Andy Saeteurn
Koui Saeteurn*
Angela Marie Salinas
Allyson Schenkenberger*
Yian Yarn Sengon*
Roselyn Rachna Sharma*
Huda Siddiqui**
Steve Anthony Silva**
Justin Sin*
Jagjiwan Singh*
Jaspreet Kaur Singh*
Jessica Singh
Simranjit Singh*
Alla Slav**
Tania Solano*
Stephanie J. Solis
Benjamin Sourinphone*
Andrea Nataly Spiller Hernandez*
Natalie Marie Stark*
Michael Anton Sterk
Trent James Stigerts*


Xiaonan Tang**
Francisco Jesus Tapia*
Blane Tessema**
Goejoua Thao
Kee Thao
See Thao*
Jennifer Njeri Thubei*
Elizabeth Tinajero-Cruz*
Catherine Tiqui*
Richard Ngoc Tong**
Erika Jazmin Toriz**
Alexis Rene’ Torres*
Calvin Viet Tran**
Hai Thi Ngoc Tran**
Hoang Thanh Tran*
Minh Ngoc Tran*
My Linh Tran*
Tuan Dinh Trinh*
Tony Van Tu*
Sarah Ashanti Turks-Brown
Matthew James Turner*


Yenny Valle**
Justin Van**
Allen Cha Vang
Carolina Maylashia Vang*
Sameer Rai Verma
Vanida Vorasane*


Madison Jolyn Waldo*
Jennifer Rose White**
Johanna F. Wilkerson
Gloria Williams
Jessica Ann Winner
Ryan Yoshio Wong*
Maya Lee Wright**
Kimberly P. Xiong
Xong Xiong


Chi Yang*
Dao Yang
Nou Yang*
PaChi Yang*
Jeffrey Nakahira Young
Sandra Yu

Spring 2021 Prospective Graduates

Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.0-3.49.

**Highest Honors (Gold Tassels)
Students who have an overall grade point average of 3.5-4.0.


Nimo Abdi*
Fatima Abed*
Fatima B Abed*
Malik Abed
Ihsan Yassmine Aboueljoud
Melanie Adesuwa Adams
Celeste Aguilar*
Devan Aguirre*
Hannah Marie Aguirre**
Soaliman Ahmadzai
Anas Ahmed**
Imran Ahmed**
Emmanuel Osigbemhe Akagbosu
Raniah K. Al Heetawi*
Rawda Alaswad**
Kasira Alford*
Dazey Ali
Nazeefah Ali**
Rand Hamdi Ali*
Saiyad Ali
Zain Ali**
Mandy Allgood*
Marisa A. Alonzo*
Viridiana Alvarado Soria*
Byanka Delgado Alvarez*
Juan Alvarez*
Taylor Alvarez
Laiza Ambriz*
Gia D Amilleon
Sadaf H. Amin
Maria Andrade*
Nina S. Andrade**
Andrea Isabel Anguiano*
Susana Itzel Anguiano*
Jasminemarie Antipuesto**
Billal Ahmad Anwary*
Brian Arcado**
Mackenzie Loren Armijo*
Madison Armijo**
Myrka Arriaga*
Kevin Arroyo*
Bao Hoang Anh Au**
Justin Ryan Avellanosa
Susana Avila


Barka Bahar
Lindsey Bailey
Jocelyn Page Baker*
Taylor A. Balaoro**
Brandon Avinesh Bali
Jessica Bali
Kardo E. Ballesteros
Kulpreet Kaur Bangarh
Gurpreet Banwait**
Ngan Bao**
Svetlana Bargan*
Alejandro Barron*
Vanessa Bartley*
Cecilia Aydee Basaldua Sanchez
Lauren Elizabeth Batoon*
Ainsley Elizabeth Beckman**
Kaylyn Ashley Bellerose**
Tonya Benefield
Hannah M.R. Benson**
LaToya Berube
Gurjot K. Bhatia**
Mary Ann Biag*
Shagufta Intazmeen Bibi
Victoria A. Bigelow**
Stanley Elijah Blackshire
Alex H. Bolanos**
Tommy Russell Bolanos**
Tanya Merari Bonilla**
Jason Boparai
Rhett G. Bordelon
Dulce Karina Borrego
Kennisha Monique Boykin
Kentasha Marie Boykin
Bailey Marie Bradford*
Elizabeth Bradley*
Samuel Brooks
Sumaya Abdulkader Burhan**
Brendan M. Burke**
Brittini Catrice Burns
Braeden V. Butler**


Christian Caballero*
Natalie Cadrett**
Rebecca Justine Cagle**
Charlah Ashley Calizar*
London Alexsandria Callier
Annai-Ruby Camacho
Kayla L Campbell*
Danielle Nicole Cardenas
Sienna Cardiel*
Cylina Case
Yolonda Y. Casey
Ashanti Lisette Cason*
Clarence Emilio Castillo*
Lelani Castillo**
Eryka Castro
Nadeia Causey
Ada Mirna Cerda
Abelene Jane Cerezo-Kirtley*
Karina Judith Cervantes
Euly Oddette Cervera
Zhongxiao Chan**
Nalin K. Chandra
Kenneth Chang**
Karla Chanthavisith**
Man Chuen Chau**
Diana Chavez
Vincent Chen
Mark Chernioglo*
Mikhail Chernioglo
Tran Chi**
Leslee R Choate
Adrina Marie Cholula**
Aliah M. Cisneros**
Geselle Elizabeth City**
Soreya Keo Clark**
Cheyenne Conley
Dallas Morgan Cooper*
Monica Clare Cordero
Leandra M. Coronado**
Marie Teressa S. Cortez*
Osvaldo Urena Cortez
Omar Costilla**
Kristen Crawford**
Karlie A Crewse
Melina Alicia Crouson
Ana M. Cruz
Roxana Cruz*
Danielle Marie Cuellar
Joyce Rene Cunningham
Guadalupe Araceli Curiel
Aiden Lane Curtis**


Kristen V.P. Dahl**
Trang Kieu Diem Dang*
Audra R. Dareing**
Ghulam Dastgeer
Amy E. Davis
Jeremy Lee Davis
Sarah Jessica Dedal
Henry Degnan*
Eddie Armando Del Castillo*
Kaylin Uncha Delacuesta
Wanli Deng**
Meranda Nhi Detlefsen
Jason Singh Dhami**
Gurvir Singh Dhillon*
Justin Casey Dizon*
Brea-Anna Nhu Thao Thi Do
Vy Do**
Christiane Dobbins**
Angela Dodge
Gerlyn Battulayan Domingo*
Elizabeth Antonia Dominguez**
Roel Dones
Xiaoying Dong**
Adrian Jacob Dasalla Dore
Damon L. Dorn
Sarah Nicole Dorris**
Suibi Z. Du**
Nailah Remyl Dubose**
Preston Carter Dudley
Jerry Duong
Cassandra A. Duval


Hodo Ali Edan
Camryn J. Edlund*
Maria Lois D Eguilos*
Hajara S. Enayat**
Pamela Noel Enmark*
Mariangel Escamilla-Uriarte*
Erika Espada*
Ariana Yanai Espinosa*
Emanuel Espinoza
Christopher Don Estrada
Laureen Evans*


Jude Farhat*
Mahnoor Fatima**
Nerissa Ann Cruz Feranil**
Journey Ferguson**
Jason Christopher Flagg*
Erick A. Flores**
Brandi H. Fong**
Mariah Alexandra Forster**
Madison Jamari Forte
James Fox**
Corrina Anne Frattalone
Victoria Freeman
Brian Freitas**
Avyline Frondozo*
Erika S. Fucarino
Cindy Fuentes**
Samantha Marie Fuentes
Stefan Fuller*


Jennifer M. Gallagher**
Dalton Austin Garcia*
Jose Daniel Garcia**
Montserrat Garcia**
Reyna Garcia*
Britney Beatriz Garcia Dirkzwager**
Darian Garnett
Jade Robert Garrett*
Michelle Leigh Gauthier**
Gurpinder Ghuman**
Zaria Omara Gibson
Sydney Giovannoni*
Ana Faviola Gomez
Nicolas David Gomez**
Dylan Gong*
Daisy Gonzalez
Melanie Lauren Good**
Abigail Goodheart
Larissa Brianne Goodwin
Tyler Marie Goring
Alyssa Marie Gorman**
Carolyn Anne Graham*
Carrie Anne Graham*
Donna Graham
Nancy Granados
Brandon R. Gray
George Khameal Hunter Green*
Jacob Daniael Griffin*
Jonathan Christopher Griffiths
Armando Guerrero**
Alejandro Guido*
Kaye Alyanna Guillartes**
Jerry Quintana Guillermo*
Brandon Charles Gunderson*
Kexin Guo*
Aejin Gutierrez**
Alexandra L. Gutierrez
Joel Alberto Gutierrez


Ethan Ha**
Joshua Ha
Quen Dung Ha
Thomas Thuan Ha
Nargis Habib*
Yasmin Habib**
Michelle L. Haflich*
Karmanjot Singh Hajrah*
Chalitta Hansberry
Lena Hardy
Mary Hassan*
Mercedes Alyssa Hassinger
Julia A Hatfield*
David Antonio Hau*
Amritpal Hayer*
Adrienne Hector
Emily E Heidemann
Jennifer Lynn Heidemann**
Marcel Helmand*
Eman Khader Hemdan*
Lauren Hemmings*
Rosalyn Kay Henderson*
Megan Ellen Hendrickson
Julian Salazar Henry*
Annie Her*
Janny Her
Moua Chie Her
Andrew Angel Hernandez
Isabel Rachel Hernandez
Celine Anne Hill
Sarah Jane Hinton*
Amanda Ho*
Quynh Tu Ho*
Vienna Chi Hoang**
Taylor Michelle Hoff
Sierra Lucille Hollinsworth*
Emily Ann Hollis**
David D. Holman-Hernandez
Macy P. Holoubek**
Jolina Nhi Uyen Hua
Baisen Huang**
Danjian Huang**
Monique Huang*
Yuanting Huang
Alex G. Huber**
Josiah Hughes
Anh Hung
Ahmer S. Hussain*
David Hoang Huynh
Hue Man Huynh**
Vivian Huynh


Abdul Naser Ibrahimi**
Alexandru Iiyes
Gilberta M. Iorg*
Elena Rafaela Ismailyan**
Ligia Ismailyan


Kyle Jackson**
Caitlin Jacobs**
Maximo Sergio Jaime**
Marwa Jalal**
Masba Jalal**
Kristine Elizabeth Japhet**
Camilla M. Jarman
Robin Jaurigue**
Linfeng Jiang*
Mingzhou Jiang*
Abraham Jimenez
Benjamin J. Johnson**
Chelsey Johnson*
De’Joun M. Johnson
Esperanza Aubrey Johnson
Gale C. Johnson**
Madison N Johnson*
Natalie Nichole Johnson*
Kyle Eric Jones
Briley Marie Jordet**
Josue Aron Juarez*


Reda Kahsay
Bobby Kajla
Nelisha Kamal
Ahmed Kamel
Amanpreet Kaur**
Navdeep Kaur
Kenneth Kawada
Tatum Nichole Kell*
Nicholas J. Keller**
Sienna M. Kelly*
Jacob Robert Gerard Kennedy**
Samantha Kennedy**
Christopher Thawatchai Keokot**
Oty Keovongsa
Brendan Khamphay
Muzammal Saleem Khan
Somi S. Khan
Hannah Khang
Havan Cecelia Thi Khuu*
Joyce Khuu**
Maysue Amy Kincaid*
Alexander James Kingsley
Tyler Jamison Kirby-Kidd**
Nicole Kliemann**
Emily Nicole Kline**
Megan C. Konstantinidis**
Sarah Kraemer**
Andrija Kristich*
Ryley A. Krum
Shenling Kuang**


James R. La Jolla**
Whitney Lee Labeff**
Hanh Thi Lam**
Ashley Lamm**
Fidelina O Lara
Kharizma Lathipanya-Kham**
Liliana Rose Laur*
Kevin Laurens
Gaurav Layal*
Han Le**
Hanh Kieu Le*
Lyanna Le*
My Huynh Ut Le*
Pho V. Le
Tu Pham Cam Le
Cynthia Liliana Ledezma Palafox*
Micaiah Lee**
Michael Taylor Lee*
Nikki Lee
Yer Lee**
Ivan Torres Legaspi**
Nancy Leung**
Christine Lewis**
Malinalli Leyva*
Xuyu Li**
Kathleen Camille Liaz*
Lan Hy Lieu**
Kelsey Gabrielle Lightfoot*
Deangela Rayshune Linwood*
Cinty Liu**
Yefen Liu**
Chase Lodge*
Summer Lomendehe
Melissa Long**
Alma Elizabeth Lopez
Joanna Lopez
Luis Enrique Lopez Castellanos*
Aaliyah Louis**
Derek T. Love
Alma Lucia Lozano
Anthony Rafael Lozano
Emily Luo**
Laura Lupsa
Chau C. Luu**
Jacky Luu
Sylvan Luu**
Duy D. Ly


Madison Brook Mabrey*
Arielle Madnick*
Laura Esperanza Madrigal
Valariemarie Madueno*
Mohammad Ibrahim Mahmoodi**
Alexandra Maldonado**
Chrissie Lynn Manansala**
Katrina Chelsea Manansala
Mason Singh Mangat
Maryella Manning**
Galilea Manriquez**
Bee Marie*
Thomas Marini
Evelyn Alicia Mariscal**
Katherine Mary Markan**
Nora A. Marroquin*
Hannah K. Martin
Kate Martin**
Andrea Martinez*
Jennifer Arely Martinez**
Reece Martinez
Ricardo Miguel Martinez**
Yuvia Andrea Martinez**
Piolo Marzan*
Toni Renee Maskovich**
Ebony T. Massey
Mahbub Masumi*
Adam Maynard
Bryson McArn**
Jordan Alexander McCain**
Darius Edward McGhee
Anthony Joseph McGuire*
Nathanial McKinnis**
Melanie McKinstry**
Ramishia Lessie-Rashay McKissick*
Christopher D Means
Jesus Salvador Medina
Clay M. Mefford**
Abdul Mehmood
Aisha Mehmood
Bhupinder Jit Mehton*
Diego Melchor
Troy E. Melendez*
Kimberly Mendoza**
Samantha Mendoza Rodriguez**
Maria Luisa Menendez**
Colleen Annette Middlebrooks*
Kaia E. Minor**
Shelby Jean Misasi
Kary Daniel Mitchell
Rebecca Mladinich*
Lisa Anne Mlekush**
Rachel Jill Moates**
Cristopher James Molina**
Cindy Monelavongsy*
Justin Monje
Paul Monte**
Kiana Oralia Mooney**
Ryan Moore**
Ryan O. Moore**
Carlo Angelo Morales
Christina Moreno Aguilar*
Kristin Morgan**
LaKeal Jackson Morris*
Hmong K. Moua
Isaac E Mulder*
Sean Ross Mullins
Scarlet Munoz-Oseguera*
Sarah Musawi*
Purlang Mysaysana*


Tabasom Naderi*
Remah Ahmad Najjar*
Angela Ashna Nand*
Priscila M. Narvaez**
Masoma Naseri**
Roqaya Naseri*
Diana E. Navarro**
Wendy Marlene Navarro**
Hannah Carolyn Navas*
Samantha Blair Neumann*
Alexis Newhall Newhall**
Kelly Seen Yin Ng*
Ella Ngo*
Han Gia Ngo*
John Ngo
Thuy Ngoc Ngo**
Binh Hung Phuong Nguyen**
Catalina Quynh-Huong Nguyen*
Duc Hu Nguyen*
Dung Ngoc Nguyen*
Hoang K. Nguyen*
Johnny Nguyen*
Kathy Nguyen*
Kevin V. Nguyen
Linh T. Nguyen**
Nancy Nguyen**
Phoebe Nguyen**
Phuc Trung Nguyen
Queen Nguyen Nguyen*
Raymond Nguyen*
Tam Nguyen**
Thanh Nguyen Nguyen**
Thanh Dat Nguyen*
Theresa Kim Nguyen*
Thuy Nguyen**
Tina Nguyen*
Trini Tuyet Nhi Nguyen
Valerie Nguyen
Devyn Nichols
Jennifer Niemann
Camren B Nigrana-Calvillo*
Kevin A. Nim
Jessica Pauline Nishida**
Michelle Elizabeth Notestine*


Selena Ochoa Saucedo*
Evangeline Ogbu**
Hellen Bonareri Okindo*
Vanessa Olivares-Barragan
Angela Merluza Oliveros*
Jared T. Ono*
Anthony Jon Orta Wolfe
Daniel Leonardo Ortiz
Sharon Nordin Othman
Brando Otiono


Ashley Yohanna Pablo*
Thomas J. Palomino*
Erika Marie Panagabko**
Deanna Marie Pantega
Eric Ramirez Panzieri
Antonio Michael Pardini**
Thuyvan Nguyen Patrick
Kristian Si Mone Patterson*
Micah Patterson**
Jerilyn Abigail Paule**
Dustin Jacques Peasha
Selena Mai Person**
Brian Richard Peters
Jacob Anthony Peterson
Hunter Kaylee Petracek*
Charissa Huynh-Chi Pham**
Lindy Phan*
Trang Phan**
Kyle P Phandouang**
Tristan Guy Phemister**
Chelsea Maire Kuehne Phillips*
Lex Phomphachanh*
Susanna Amy Phouangpraseuth
Roberto Carlos Plasencia*
Amy Pogue**
Kayla Marie Polanco**
Stephanie Poletti*
Jose Luis Ponce*
Harmanjit Singh Pooni**
Nazir Ahmad Popal**
Anisha Prasad**
Monish Prasad**
Sandhya Ashley Prasad**
Cheri F. Preszler*
Naomi Faith Pritten*
Jasleen Pulido*


Okasha Qaiser
Jaezreel V. Quiliza
Cesar Angelica Quintero


Adam Raboy*
Reanna Sonali Ram
Gabriel J. Ramirez**
Kaylyn Ramones
Bianca Elizabeth Ramsey**
Tyler Dylan Ramson
Ariana Razawi**
Jane Yudeh Reed**
Linda Reed*
Haley Nicole Register-Luitze*
Jessica Ruth Reimche**
Sarah Rebecca Resnick
Karyn A Reyes*
Katelyn Francene Rhines
Alexa Marie Rickenbach**
Keisha Riddick Riddick*
Andrew J. Rios
Cristopher M. Rivera
Julie Nicole Rivera*
Daniela Rivera Santander
Dennis Josue Rivers Moreno
Nathan James Roach**
Patrick S. Roberts
Valerie Rumbaoa Robinson
Kayley M. Rocha*
Maria Rodriguez*
Yessica Viridiana Rodriguez**
Maggie Elizabeth Roesser*
Dominique Kamara Rogers*
Shanike Deshae Roland*
David Ortega Romero*
Clarissa Adeline Rosano*
Mary Grace Polido Roux**
Corina Barajas Rumbaua
Breanne Nicole Ryan
Emma Grace Rymel*


Adriana Saavedra Campa**
Aasiea Sadiq**
Samera Sadiq**
Nai Ien Saechou
Mary Mae Saelee*
Tyler Saelee*
Kyle Saephan*
Kelly Saeteurn
Timothy Saeteurn
Mostafa B. Saidy
Yasmine Saidy
Iysabel Luz Salamanca
Anthony De’Angelo Salas
Christine Nicole Salas
Irina Sanduleac*
Rupinder Kaur Sangha**
Alejandro Santana
Abbey Erin Santos*
Rafael Adan Saragoza**
Braeden Anthony Saramago*
Sabah Sarwari*
Leroy Savelle**
Dillon Rocco Schanning**
Jacob R’lyeh Schanning**
Austin M. Scott**
Mhylez Jai Scott
Wendy Marie Scott*
Selene Renee Scott-Femenella**
Artem Sedykh
Albert Serrato*
Shari Shackelford*
Mazhar Abbas Shah
Roselyn R. Sharma*
Shelly Sharma*
Carri LeeAnn Shatzer*
Zohra Shetab*
Hamayoun Shirzai**
Mohammed Shohaib*
Maryam Sidiqi
Nok Sihabout
Alexandria Cymone Simmons**
Taylor Ray Simmons
Gabrielle Marie Simpson**
Amaan Nelson Singh*
Amanjot Singh*
Anoop Singh
Baljinder K. Singh
Hartej Singh*
Imren Singh**
Navneet Singh*
Sabneet Kaur Singh**
Sharol S. Singh*
Tiani Rae Sinoben**
Ashley Rose Smith*
Raquel Amanda Smith
Trystan C P Smith*
Kaitlyn Autumn Snow
Kristina Solovyeva*
Wyatt Christopher Soltesz
Yimin Song
Roman A. Sotelo*
Catherine Pamela Speare
Tiesha J. Speights*
Omar Alberto Spiller Hernandez*
Christopher Han Spitzka**
Jordan Sponseller
Marissa Elizabeth Sprake*
Derek M. Sprenkle
James C. St. Cyr*
Alfred Whitaker Stephens*
Selena Stone*
Alina Stratulea**
Jessie Su
Jared Adrian Subia
Laolani Ranae Subia


Jordyn A. Tagatac
Morgan Evelyn Talbot
Jonifer Vincent Tamboaon
Ashley Kuang Tan**
Nathan Sean Tanner*
Muhammad B. Tariq*
Nellina Tiara Tate*
Lilyana A. Tavera
Renato Go Tecson*
Jennie Tedlos*
Dianna Tejeda
Annabelle E. Terry**
Roman Tessema
Alida Thao*
Derick Thao
Joshua Thao
Kami Sue Thao
Kaozoua Thao
Ku Thao
Nelson Thao*
Jordan Thatcher**
John Tighe*
Dong That Ton
Nhat Ton
Daniil Torlac**
Ethan Troy Torres*
Frances Torres
Nidia Torres*
Yamileth Torres**
Carl Jeron Pasalo Torricer*
Bao N. Tran**
Deejay Tran**
Dung Tran
Ida Tran*
Janhine Marie Tran**
Lan Ngoc Tran**
Lyna Thanh Tran
Nhung T. Tran**
Oanh Thi Hoang Tran**
Ryan Long Bao Tran**
Steven Tran**
Thai Quang Tran*
Julie Tran Nguyen*
Kiet Dinh Trinh**
Lien Bao Trinh**
Sierra Truscott**
Sandy Tsan**
Matthew J. Turner*


Mira Unimuke**
Brenda Janette Urbina*


Adriana Selene Valderrama Alvarado
Julian Solis Valdez*
Blanca Valdovinos*
Tracy Kim Van**
Veronica L. Vanderwyk**
Catherine Vang*
Jerry A Vang
Jim Vang*
Julianna Ia Vang**
Kau Nou Vang*
Jamie Victor-Logan Velasco*
Adrianna Velasquez
Melissa Velasquez**
Medelin Aide Velazquez**
Jayson Salvador Ventura
Logan Robert Vickers
Orlando Villalobos**
Paulina Vargas Villanueva**
Malia L. Villegas**
Alyssa R. Vitug**
Hilda Vizcarra*
Cindy Thao Vo
Huyen Vo*
Winston Vo
Brian Andrew Vogel**
Kompthanh Vorabouth
Alexandra Vorotnyuk
Julianne Vu*
Jeremy Vuong


Savanna Sinclair Wade*
Julieanna Orieal Wallinger*
Ethan Weeks*
Courtney Wehr*
Aubrey Rose Weitnauer**
Rediet Tsegay Weldetnesae
Brittany Irene Weldon*
James Clark West**
Rose White**
Alicia Renee Whitehead*
Abigail Whittaker**
Zoey Wiggins**
Latoria Lenae Williams
Samuel Williams
Megumi Willis**
Jasmyn Nicole Wilson
Nathan J. Wilson
Brian Wolf*
Johnny A. Wong*
Lincoln Wong*
Zachary Josephy Wong*
Christopher J. Woodard
Aisha Zakia Woods
Whitney A. Woodward**
Marissa Pearl Wooten
Cassandra Faye Workman
Anthony Derrick Wright
Zhichun Wu**
Markel Elijah Wyatt


Aimee Xiong
Fuchinh Xiong
Laura I. Xiong**
Steve Xiong
Grace Xu**


Leyna Pa Houa Yang
Nancy Yang*
Nou Yang*
Rose Pa Choaua Ly Yang**
Xyong Sinjin Nushua Yang*
Windy Day Yates
Haley Younger
Beverly Yu


Kiyrsten Emilia Zaldivar**
Rosario Serena Zeff**
Youdong Zheng*
Fulin Zhong**
Rihab M. Zuaiter**

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Cosumnes River College congratulates its 2021 scholarship recipients and commends them for their academic achievements. The college thanks our scholarship donors for their generous contributions in support of our students’ academic studies. The following scholarship recipient listing includes 2021 graduating CRC students as well as those who are continuing their education at CRC next year.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Agriculture Ambassador Continuing Student Scholarship

CRC Agriculture Ambassadors
Morgan Rice

Allan Kono Memorial Scholarship

Family/Friends of Allan Kono
Tho Nguyen

Ann and Sadie J. Memorial Vet Tech Scholarship

Robert Johnson
Jennifer Cave

Ann Hulbert Memorial Scholarship

Sheri Spitaleri and Al Hulbert
Amanda Gutierrez

Bill Daly Memorial Scholarship

Family/Friends of Bill Daly
Haifa Noor
Cecilia Pham

Biology Faculty Scholarship

CRC Biology Department
Kieu Diem Nguyen

Building Bridges in Community Scholarship

Torence Powell and CRC/Community Donors
Grecia Gomez

CRC Achievement in Radio, TV and Film Production Award

CRC RTVF Department
Acacia Ouimet

CRC Classified Senate Scholarship

CRC Classified Senate
Taylor Parmley

CRC Patrons Club Evelyn Morse Memorial Scholarship

CRC Patrons Club
Chelsea Roberts

CRC Patrons Club Memorial Scholarship

CRC Patrons Club
Alida Thao

CRC Staff Scholarship

CRC Staff Contributors
Jaiden Gallegos

Deva Chopyak Sociology Associate of Arts Transfer Memorial Scholarship

Paul Zisk
Samera Sadiq

Do Your Best Scholarship

Dr. Colette Harris-Mathews
Marisa Menendez

Dorthy Williams Re-entry Scholarship

Dorthy Williams
Anna Camburn
Daniel Zaragoza

Dr. Precious Bell Craft Memorial Scholarship

Diane Bader
Annabelle Terry

Dr. Queen F. Randall Excellence Award

Queen F. Randall
Thania Rangel

Editor-in-Chief Journalism Scholarship

Christine Bartlett
Austin Scott
Samuel Williams

Ellis-Lawrence Architectural Scholarship

John and Patricia Ellis
Cameron Klassen

Emeriti Future Career in Education Scholarship

CRC Emeriti Association
Alyssa Gorman
Chelsea Roberts

Emeriti Veterans Scholarship

CRC Emeriti Association
Dalawn Peahl

English Language Learners’ Scholarship

Sandra Carter
Guilian Li
Quoc Cuong Nguyen
Van Nim
Thuy Vuong

Excellence in Athletics Scholarship

Christine Bartlett
Gillian Ayala
Celeste Baez
Ashley Lamm
Charissa Pham

Gardeners of the Grove Horticulture Scholarship

Gardeners of the Grove
Tatum Kell

Gordon P. Nooyen Schools Financial Credit Union Scholarship

Schools Financial Credit Union
Bao Huynh

James and Honey Snowden Memorial Scholarship Award

Robert “BJ” Snowden
Alyssa Gorman

James M. Wagner Memorial Veteran’s Scholarship

David and Christine Wagner
Dalawn Peahl

Jerry Winterman Humanities Scholarship

Family/Friends of Jerry Winterman
Chelsea Roberts

John W. Landes Music Scholarship

Estate of John Landes
Eva French

Los Rios Supervisors Scholarship

Los Rios Supervisors Association
Hodo Edan
Khang Huynh

McConnell Family Scholarship

Edward J. McConnell
Xiao Li Xu

McConnell STEM Scholarship

Edward J. McConnell
Alida Thao

Meg and Frank Zbierski Scholarship

Meg and Frank Zbierski
Cathy Khong
Brenda Urbina

Merrilee Lewis Engel STEM Scholarship

Merrilee Lewis Engel
Binh Duong Nguyen

Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Scholarship

Dignity Health Methodist Hospital of Sacramento
Dennis Dagdagan

Midge and Kenneth Waddell Aspiring Vocalist Award

MCS Music
Andrea Chea

Mike Daly Music Scholarship

Family/Friends of Mike Daly
Selena Delgadillo
Annabelle Terry

Music Teachers Association of California Scholarship

Music Teachers Association of California, Sacramento Branch
Tyler Burke
Simone Karn

Nina Simone Music in Action Scholarship

Omari Tau
Anaiah Morris
Jacob Swedlow

Osher Scholarship

Bernard Osher Foundation
Hai Chuong
Binh Giang
Kennedy Johnson
Boi Luu
Dat Mai
Quoc Nguyen
Zohal Shams
Dayne Westerberg
Daniel Zaragoza

Phyllis Marie Guy Scholarship

Nyenbeku C. George
Leesa Lopez

R.A. Palmer Biology Award

Gene Simmons
Megan Fountain

RDJ Scholarship

Peggy Ursin
Benjamin Scoville

Sharp Lewis Re-Entry Scholarship

Merrilee Lewis Engel
Gladys Wolomby

Sharp Lewis Visual and Performing Arts Award

Merrilee Lewis Engel
Chunping Lai

Sougstad Memorial Science Scholarship

Family/Friends of Hatsuyo Sougstad
Khang Huynh
Laaiba Riaz

Stanley L. Blackshire Music and Art Scholarship

Shevonna Blackshire and Family
Jackson Lyall

Sustainability Committee Scholarship

CRC Campus Sustainability Committee
Bee Marie

Ticker Scholarship

Janan Hayes
Kathryn Hartzell
Isabelle Noriega

Timothy Wayne Lawson Scholarship

Dr. Gary Lawson
Yazmeen Faizi

Veterans Scholarship

Dr. Merrilee Lewis Engel
Kody Wipf