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Reading Writing Center

The Reading and Writing Center (RWC) staff help students understand required reading, write essays and other assignments, complete language homework, find resources, and proofread their own writing.

Exciting RWC update: For Spring 2021, the RWC will be open to all students without enrolling in an English lab (ENGLB) course. Please join us in Spring 2021 by signing up for HCD 1000 through eServices or click below to access the RWC, Math Center, Accounting Lab, and Tutoring Center staff:

Access Online Tutoring

Please note, if you are interested in enrolling in one of the labs for unit/credit earnings for Spring, this option is still available! You can register for ENGLB through eServices.

Who Can Use the RWC in Spring 2021?

Students enrolled at CRC may register to use the RWC, whether or not they are taking an English class. Enrollment in one of the ENGLB classes is not required, but if you enroll in an ENGLB course, you can earn credit for the course.

Attendance Requirement for Spring 2021 If You Are Enrolled in an ENGLB Course

Students may receive college credit for their work in the center by registering for

  • .5 unit (22.5 hours attendance required) or
  • 1.0 unit (45 hours attendance required).

An ENGLB class is graded on a Credit/No Credit basis, and no lectures are given. Hours will be tracked through the reporting tools via Zoom.

Registration Information

Students can register for an ENGLB class online through e-services. Students may register any time during the semester until March 19, 2021 .

Getting Started

You are welcome to begin working in the online RWC as soon as the class appears on your Canvas dashboard (usually four hours after registration). From day one of Week 1, English professors and Instructional Assistants are available and eager to help students meet the challenges of the new semester. Check CRC's RWC Faculty and Staff Availability schedule to find out which IAs and faculty are available at certain times.


Our own CRC Library is a great resource! For useful writing guides, please see Handouts, Forms, and Citation Help in our Library section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hardware/software is available in the Reading Writing Center?

The Reading Writing Center at the main CRC campus has 49 workstations, each equipped with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office (2016).

The Reading Writing Center at Elk Grove Center has 16 computers, each equipped with Windows 10; and Microsoft Office (2013).

Internet access is available for students to complete Canvas assignments and perform library/general research.

Can ESL students use the Reading Writing Center?

Absolutely—ESL students are welcome in the Reading Writing Center! ESL students may register for an ENGLB class at any time during their studies at CRC, but they should realize that the ESL Department also offers several great ESL skills labs. If students are unsure which lab to enroll in, they should talk with the staff in the ESL/Foreign Language Lab (LRC-221), the Reading Writing Center at the main CRC campus (LRC-203), or the Reading Writing Center at EGC (EGA-204) to determine which English lab might be best for their learning situation.

Am I able to repeat the ENGLB classes?

Possibly. There are eight ENGLB classes (ENGLB 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 78, and 299). The College Admissions office allows students to take each ENGLB class for up to one unit. The number of times a student can take an ENGLB class, then, depends on how many units the student registers for and how many hours he/she completes. For example,  if a student enrolls in ENGLB 70 for 1 unit and completes the required number of hours in the lab, at the end of the semester that student will receive 1 unit and will not be able to re-enroll in ENLGB 70. However, if a student enrolls in ENGLB 70 for .5 unit and completes the required number of hours in the lab, at the end of the semester that student will receive .5 unit in the lab and will be able to re-enroll in ENGLB 70 for another .5 unit if desired.

I’m already enrolled in an English class. Am I automatically enrolled in an ENGLB class?

No. Enrollment in an ENGLB class is not automatic and is not related to enrollment in any other class.

Who staffs the Reading Writing Center?

During the fall and spring semesters, many English professors work in the RWC from one to four hours per week. Instructional assistants (IAs) are on duty most hours the RWC is open. In addition to assisting students with their work, the IAs run the lab and take care of other lab matters: questions on lab procedures, trouble with a computer, and so on.

Does my English professor work in the Reading Writing Center?

By checking the schedule, students can find out if and when their professors work in the RWC. This schedule changes every semester.

Do I need an appointment to use the Reading Writing Center?

No appointments are necessary. As long as students enrolled in an ENGLB class and complete the appropriate orientations, they are free to come to the lab any time during the hours of operation.

Are grammar/reading modules available?

Grammar resources and reading modules will be available for all students who enroll in an ENGLB course, but students can also find grammar information/exercises online. See the Useful Links section of this page for more information. Our Library is also an excellent resource for research, writing, and citation help.


(916) 691-7123

Rose Spisak
Instructional Assistant

Professor David Weinshilboum
RWC Faculty Advisor


Open Spring 2021 from January 19 to May 12

Monday to Thursday:
9:00 am to 7:20 pm
9:00 am to 2:50 pm

Closed weekends


Learning Resource Center, LRC 203