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Welcome to the Accounting Lab! The Accounting Lab helps students develop confidence and proficiency in their accounting skills. Students enrolled in an accounting course at CRC may use tutoring services provided by the Accounting Lab.

For Accounting Lab hours and online tutoring services, students can click the button below and access details to Tutoring and Academic Support Services.

What is Penji?

At CRC, we understand how important tutors and mentors are to a student’s educational development and that is why we are offering Penji. It is a space for students to access tutoring services, submit paper reviews and so much more. Penji can be accessed through the web or mobile and is remote-friendly. Students who are enrolled at Cosumnes River College can sign up for tutoring services through Penji. Online tutoring support for the Math Center, Reading Writing Center, Accounting Lab, Tutoring Center, and ESL Lab can be found through Penji.

How to Access Penji?

You can access Penji via the website or app.

How to Access Tutors on the Penji Website:

  1. Visit the Los Rios Penji website.
  2. Once you’re in, select the community, CRC Tutoring Center.
  3. To ensure you’re in the CRC Tutoring Center community, double-check to see if the top left corner says, “CRC Tutoring Center,” and remember to select Tutoring.

    Penji screenshot
  4. Click View drop-in tutoring.
  5. Click Join a class.
  6. Search for an Accounting subject, select the course and click Check in now.
  7. Type in a topic, assignment, or problem you want help with, and click Check-in.
  8. Select the tutor if they are ready for you, otherwise you will be placed on the waitlist for them to admit you into the Zoom room.
  9. Once the tutor is ready for you, a box will appear prompting you to connect with them on Zoom; click Open in Zoom.
  10. Once you’re in, tutoring will begin.
  11. Before you leave, remember to check-out by typing in the chat your First Name, Last Name and wID number (example: Jane Doe w123456).

For further assistance, watch the help video below.

Using Penji on the Website:

How to Use Drop-In Tutoring on the Website

How to Download and Access Tutors on the Penji App:

  1. Download the app and log in with your wID email and password
  2. Join your campus and courses 
  3. View profiles, chat in-app, and schedule sessions, all with tutors from your school
Penji Student Sign Up on the App:


For questions or concerns contact us at:
(916) 691-7425

Sonora Nguyen
Instructional Assistant
(916) 691-7449


In-Person Hours

Unavailable in Summer 2022.

Online Hours

Unavailable in Summer 2022.

For online tutoring support through the Math Center, Accounting Lab, Reading and Writing Center, and NetTutor please click on the orange button labeled "Access Online Tutoring."

For in-person computer access, please visit the Library at CRC's main campus. See the Library page for the most up-to-date hours.


Learning Resource Center, LRC 216