Criteria for Eligibility

  • Be eligible for enrollment or enrolled at Cosumnes River College
  • Be eligible for English Writing 101 for the fall semester
  • Be eligible to commit to Phase I and Phase II 
  • Be eligible to take 12 units or more of academic courses each semester

How To Apply

To apply please complete the Puente Project Application Form (PDF) and email to Aselia Melo, Puente Coordinator.

Puente Project 2019-2020 Schedule

Puente Project 2019-2020 Schedule (PDF)

Phase I, Fall semester:

  • Students enroll for English 101-College Writing, and HCD 310 - College Success
  • Students are matched with a mentor and participate in mentor activities
  • Students attend the annual student motivational conference
  • Students participate in a myriad of activities and field trips

Phase II, spring semester:

  • Students enroll in English 300 – College Composition, and in a personal development course
  • Students continue to meet with their mentors and participate in a variety of activities
  • Students continue to meet with the counselor to ensure transfer success through fulfilling transfer requirements
  • Students conclude the year with a celebration

Phase III:

  • Students continue to meet with the counselor to ensure transfer success
  • Student apply to transfer to a university


  • Students visit University of California and California State University campuses
  • Students attend an annual Puente student motivational and transfer conference
  • Students participate in Noche de La Familia