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Connect with Starfish

Starfish is a tool to connect you with resources at CRC. It can connect you to financial aid, tutoring, counseling, and more, to ensure you have the support you need to be successful.

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What Can I Expect from Connect with Starfish?

  • Instructors may use Connect with Starfish to create student support referrals when they think you'd benefit from a campus resource. These support referrals go directly to your Success Coach, who will connect you with resources and services.
  • You will receive kudos to acknowledge your great work!
  • Your counselors and other support staff can also use Starfish to connect you with resources. So, if you need something, just ask!

How Will I Use Connect with Starfish?

  • Connect with various services and resources available to you at CRC.
  • Communicate with your CAC Success Coach.
  • Reach out to your Success Network for help identifying academic options and campus resources.
  • Celebrate if you get kudos – stay focused and keep up the good work!


Contact Tyler Rollins, Director of Academic and Student Support Projects.