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Upcoming Student Success Events


CRC Community Tutoring Hour

from 8:00 to 9:00 pm


Accountability Space

from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Drop-In Registration Help with Success Coaches

Join Success Coaches on Zoom for drop-in help related to Spring 2022 registration.

  • December 13, 15, 17, 20, 22
  • Anytime from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Drop-In on Zoom

Who are Success Coaches?

As success coaches, we are here to support your success at Cosumnes River College. We can provide you with resources to support you in your educational goals. One of our main goals is to assist you in successfully enrolling and completing your classes throughout your first year at CRC. We are committed to serving a diverse student population, promoting equity in all of our practices. We are here for you!

Who Do Success Coaches Serve?

Primarily, we support first year students.

What Can Success Coaches Help You With?

  • Connect to support services
  • Answer questions you may have about CRC
  • Remind you of important dates and deadlines
  • Enroll in classes
  • Navigate online platforms like Canvas and eServices
  • Make an appointment with a Counselor
  • Highlight important events
  • Promote opportunities tailored to your major/career
  • Assist in removing barriers you may face in your academic journey

First Year Success Milestones

What are milestones and why are they important?

Milestones are important goals you should complete in your first year to take you one step closer to reaching your education goals. There are four milestones you should complete within your first year.

  1. Get a Comprehensive Education Plan - Did you know having an education plan can increase your success?

    Meet with a Counselor

  2. Renew your Financial Aid Application - Did you know most community college students receive some form of financial aid?
  3. Take Math and English - Did you know taking Math and English your first year can help you reach your educational goals faster and increases your chances for graduation/transfer?
  4. Plan for 15 - Did you know taking 15+ units each semester increases your chances of completing coursework within two years and could qualify you for additional financial aid?

Connect With Us!

Science, Math and Engineering Majors

Jennifer Nishizaki-Ngo

Jennifer Nishizaki-Ngo
Phone: (916) 691-7268

Schedule a Meeting with Jennifer

Bio: I was born and raised in Sacramento and am fourth generation Japanese American. I attended UC Berkeley for undergrad and UCLA for my M.Ed. I enjoy helping students navigate their first year at CRC and being involved with the API community on campus. I also enjoy travelling and exploring new places.

Undecided/General Education Majors
Arts, Media, and Entertainment Majors

Kelly Stephens

Kelly Stephens
Phone: (916) 525-4304

Schedule a Meeting with Kelly

Bio: Hello students! My name is Kelly. I was born and raised in the Bay Area. Some of my interests are swimming, nature, and spending time with loved ones. I got my BA from UC Santa Barbara and my MA from CSU Dominguez Hills. I am passionate about building an education system that is equitable for all students. I am here to support you in your goals and education!

Social and Behavioral Sciences Majors

Alejandro Torres

Alejandro Torres
Phone: (916) 691-7059

Schedule a Meeting with Alejandro

Bio: My name is Alejandro (He/Him). I was born in Mexico City, Mexico, but resided in Sacramento my whole life. I have a passion for helping students become authentic leaders. In my free time, I love cooking tacos de papa and watching reality television with my husband and dog. I received my B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Educational Leadership from CSU Sacramento.

Business and Computer Science Majors

Ka Lee

Ka Lee
Phone: (916) 691-7435

Schedule a Meeting with Ka

Bio: Hello! I am Ka Lee and I was born and raised in South Sacramento. I’ve been with Los Rios supporting students since 2015. As a teen parent, Hmong American, first generation student, I struggled with my academics; therefore, I made it my purpose to give back and help students be successful during their academic journey at CRC. I am a CRC alumni and am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Sociology at Sacramento State University. I look forward to meeting you all and guiding you through this part of your journey!

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Majors
Automotive, Construction, and Design Technology Majors
English and Language Studies Majors
Health and Human Services Majors

Choua Vue

Choua Vue
Phone: (916) 691-7357

Schedule a Meeting with Choua

Bio: Greetings! I am Choua (Choo-ah) and I’ve been working with CRC students since 2019. I’m excited to connect students with support services and help them reach their educational goals. I am a first-generation high school and college graduate, meaning I am one of the first persons in my family to earn a high school diploma and college degree. I earned a B.S. degree from UC Davis.

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