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Cosumnes River College is a mission driven college dedicated to the academic success and wellness of its Black students. Our goal is to create an environment that embraces the true essence of the Black student experience while supporting them on their journey to greatness.

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Teresa Aldredge

Have questions? Contact Dr. Teresa Aldredge at aldredt@crc.losrios.edu.

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Here to Support You

African American Student Success Initiative (AASSI)

Two students laughing together on campus

The AASSI aims to increase the number of AA students who complete the FAFSA/CADAA and enroll during priority registration. For more information email Tesia Johnson at johnsol@crc.losrios.edu.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The BSU promotes the solidarity of Black students for defining and practicing Black culture and sharing economic opportunities. The BSU also represents Black students in political and community matters. For more information, email Denise Marshall-Mills at marshad@crc.losrios.edu.

Online Appointments with Umoja Diop Counselors

Please note: Counselors for the Umoja Diop Scholars program are only available to serve students who are active in this program. Students not in these programs will be redirected to the General Counseling link or phone number, so that the appropriate appointment can be made.

Black Student Resources and Information

Umoja Diop Scholars

The Umoja Diop Scholars program is a community of learners designed to support and increase academic success. The program is focused on African American and multicultural literature, history, and experiences.

Become an Umoja Scholar



A²MEND seeks to establish an affirming environment where African American male students and other men of color are able to thrive.


African American Studies Classes

African American Studies Classes

African American college courses students can take.

African American Studies Courses

Black Faculty and Staff Directory

Black Faculty and Staff Directory

CRC faculty and staff who identify as Black.

Black Faculty and Staff Directory

Celebration of Excellence and Achievement for Students of African Descent

Celebration of Excellence and Achievement for Students of African Descent

The annual Celebration of Excellence & Achievement for Students of African Descent (COEA) recognizes students who are receiving degrees/certificates and/or transferring to four-year universities.

Learn More About the Celebration

Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS)

Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS)

DSPS assists students with disabilities in achieving their full potential and becoming actively engaged in the campus community.

Learn About DSPS

Dream Center

Dream Center

The Dream Center is a “one-stop shop” in a safe, caring place for UndocuScholars and students of mix status families at Cosumnes River College.

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EOPS and CARE extend the opportunity of attending higher education to those from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

More about EOPS/CARE

Transfer Pathway to HBCU

Transfer Pathway to HBCU

Learn about the Transfer Guarantee Pathway from CRC to one of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU).

Learn About the Transfer Pathway

NextUP/Guardian Scholars (Foster Youth Services)

NextUP/Guardian Scholars (Foster Youth Services)

NextUP/Guardian Scholars, is an academic support service available to current or former foster youth.

Learn About NextUP

A Math Center tutor helping a student


CRC has many tutoring offerings which can help students learn challenging course material and improve their study skills.

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Sankofa Ancestral Acknowledgment

Sankofa symbol

Sankofa is a word from the Akan people of West Africa. Its literal translation means, "it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot".

We acknowledge and thank the people of African ancestry who were stolen from their homelands and brought to this country and whose free labor played a major role in the formation and economic wealth of this country. We also honor the contributions of African American ancestral scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs whose contributions were stolen or never acknowledged due to white supremacy.

We honor and will not forget the thousands upon thousands of lives lost at the hands of enslavers, vigilantes, law enforcers and other forces of hatred in this country, generation after generation for the singular crime of being black, indigenous or other people of color. We affirm and uplift those of African ancestry living in this country today as living testaments to the strength, love, faith, and fortitude of a resilient people.

Black Student Success Events