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Pharmacy technicians are skilled technical health workers who perform a wide variety of pharmacy related tasks under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist. Successful completion of the Pharmacy Technology program not only qualifies students for registration with the California State Board of Pharmacy, but also prepares graduates for entry-level pharmacy technician positions.

The program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

Apply to Pharmacy Technology

Enrollment Information

This degree program is designed for students who will be available to attend classes and practicum full-time during the fall and spring semesters. Upon completion of this program, and practicum courses, the student will be fully eligible to take the State or National Board Examination to become certified pharmacy technician.

Selection will be based on a random lottery process, should the number of qualified applicants exceed available spaces in the program.

Selection Process

  1. Applications shall be available online spring semester each year. The complete application is due no later than June 10.
  2. The Division Office shall date stamp each received application. The Division Office shall send a follow up letter to the student that acknowledges receipt of the application and identifies any incomplete items within one week of receipt.
  3. On or about June 20, upon receipt and verification of in progress spring semester transcripts, all applicants are entered into a spreadsheet database. Applicants are labeled either complete (the application is complete and all pre-requisites have been completed), in-process (the application is complete, and the student is currently enrolled in the summer term to complete the necessary pre-requisites prior to the start of the fall semester) or incomplete (ex. not all required materials have been submitted).
  4. The spreadsheet list shall be sorted by the complete, in process and incomplete designators.
  5. Once the spreadsheet is completed and sorted, up to two random sorts are generated, in accordance with the following steps, using a computer random sort program.
  6. The first random sort is for the complete applicants.
  7. From that worksheet the total number of complete applicants is entered through the above website giving only the first number with data entered and the last number (ex: 1 and 75).
  8. The computer randomized sort is copied directly from the website and pasted into the worksheet for the complete designated applicants.
  9. Up to 40 positions shall be allocated as admitted and up to 10 alternates assigned in accordance with the priority assigned by the random sort. If, after completion of the first random sort, either admitted or alternate positions are still available, a second random sort shall be conducted for in-process applicants.
  10. The second random sort is completed for the in-process applicants. Students who fail to successfully complete their pre-requisites seven days prior to the start of the fall semester shall lose their position on either the admitted or alternate lists.
  11. If prior to the beginning of the fall semester, admitted positions become available, students who submitted late applications or previously submitted incomplete applications and have now submitted all required materials shall be accepted based on the order in which their application is deemed complete.
  12. All alternate students not enrolled during the current admissions cycle shall receive first priority for admitted positions for the following fall class.
  13. All non admitted and non alternate students from the previous year’s complete and in process categories, provided the student has subsequently completed all necessary pre-requisites, shall be given priority when allocating positions for the following fall class.