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Welcome Faculty to the CRC Library! The Library collaborates with faculty to support the research and information needs of programs and disciplines. We offer a variety of services to support our faculty.

We also offer borrowing and resources for all CRC employees.

Library Collection

The CRC Library has more than 60,000 books, DVDs, musical scores, and more than 80 print magazine subscriptions. The CRC Library also provides access to more than 50 subscription-based online research databases, which contain electronic versions of research reports; journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; books; and dictionary and encyclopedia entries. To find the research materials, search the library's discovery service: OneSearch.

Faculty and Staff Borrowing Guidelines


Lending guidelines ensure maximum use of the CRC Library collection while simultaneously securing its availability for all current and future generations of students, staff and faculty. Guidelines also promote equal access to individual items and ensure that items that are not being used by some are on the shelf ready for others to find. Checking faculty/staff ID cards and requiring the timely renewal and return of items help to protect the collection for all users.

Library Cards

Your LRCCD Employee ID Card is your library card. You must present your ID card at the Circulation Desk either at the main CRC Library or the Elk Grove Center (Rm. 204) to activate your card.

Once activated, your library card gives you access to any LRCCD college library and their outreach centers and the online research databases. The Library's catalog and online research databases are accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. When off campus, use your w-employee ID number and your unified password to access electronic material.

You Must Present Your Library Card Every Time You Want to Borrow a Library Item

The privilege of borrowing is a personal one and may not be transferred. We advise you to never loan your library card to others, even a student who is assisting you. The library relies heavily on student workers to operate the Circulation Desk. Out of respect for our student workers, for your protection and the protection of the Library's collection, you must present your library card to check out material. Student workers are advised to not accept anything other than a valid LRCCD Employee Identification card to check out material to faculty or staff.

Note: Report your lost or stolen LRCCD Employee ID card immediately to library staff. You are responsible for all library items checked out on your card and any billed item fees that those items may incur.

Borrowing Limits

Borrowing limits indicate how many library items can be checked out (i.e. borrowed) at a time. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis after consulting with library staff.

Material Days
Circulating Books 12
Circulating CD/DVD/Video 3
Reserve Materials 2

Loan Periods

Loan periods indicate how long you can check out (i.e. borrow) a library item. Depending on the item, loan periods can range from two hours to three weeks. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis after consulting with library staff.

Material Timeframe
Circulating Books 1 week or 3 weeks (may vary by college)
Circulating Media (CD/DVD/Video) 1 week
Periodicals (hard copy, newspapers, magazines, etc.) Use in Library Only (may vary by college)
Reference Materials Use in Library Only
Reserve Books 2 hours (Use in Library Only), 1 day, 3 days, or 1 week (may vary by college)
Reserve DVD/Video 2 hours (Use in Library Only) (may vary by college)

Note: If you do not know when your library item is due, check My Library Account.

Extended Loan Period for Faculty

We understand that faculty conducting research or working on long-term projects may need to borrow material for an extended period of time. Full-semester check-out periods are approved on a case-by-case basis. Consult a librarian to arrange extended check-out of material. Items on extended loan may not exceed a one semester check-out.

Book and Video Return

All items must be returned to avoid paying billed item fees. Items may be returned to a library drop box at any time. Find more details in our FAQ: How do I return Library material?

Note: Faculty/Staff are financially responsible for damaged or lost library materials.


You may renew most items in our Circulating collection as long as no other person has placed a hold on the material. The first renewal is done automatically. Subsequent renewals may be done online by logging into My Library Account.

Placing a Hold and Requesting Items

If you want a library item that is already checked out or that is owned by another LRCCD College Library, you may request it by placing a hold on the item through the Library Catalog. Look up the item, click the Request button, and enter your credentials to place it on hold. If it is coming from another college, it could take 2 to 3 business days to arrive at CRC. You will be notified through your employee email when the item is ready to be picked up. You must have your LRCCD Employee Identification Card to check out material. Items owned by other LRCCD colleges can be renewed provided no one has placed a hold on the material. Items owned by other LRCCD colleges are not available for semester-long extended loan periods.

Note: Because Reserve Materials are in high demand, you cannot place a hold on Reserve Materials from our online system. For the same reason, you also may not place a hold on 1-week Circulating items from the online system. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis after consulting with library staff.

InterLibrary Loan—Requesting Items from Libraries Outside of LRCCD

You may request library items from a network of libraries outside of LRCCD. In most cases there is no charge for requesting items from other colleges or universities. To request an ILL, fill out the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.

Note: You are responsible for any overdue fines, cost of damage, or loss of borrowed materials from outside the district.

Fines and Fees

As a courtesy to our faculty and staff, we do not collect fines for overdue material that is owned by an LRCCD College Library. However, faculty and staff are financially responsible for lost or damaged library material and excessive misuse of the library will result in a loss of library privileges. A courtesy notice is sent through email three days before material is due. If renewal options have been exhausted, contact library staff to inquire about extended loan periods.

If material is not returned or renewed, two additional courtesy notices are sent through email. When the item is excessively overdue (more than a month for most items), the Library's computer system automatically bills the borrower. Replacement fees are as follows:

  • The replacement cost of the item(s) (minimum $10 each)
  • $10 processing fee for each billed item

Faculty and staff are responsible for these replacement and processing charges.

Payment of Fees

If material that has gone to billed status is returned and the Library has not already purchased a replacement copy (usually within 60 days of billed status), replacement charges will be waived and library privileges will be restored.

Faculty and staff with lost or damaged items for which they have been billed will receive a formal notice and bill from the Learning Resources and College Technology (LRCT) dean. Payment is processed through the CRC Business Office during their normal hours. You must bring the physical copy of your bill when making payment. Proof of payment is required in-person at the Circulation Desk or through inter-campus mail to clear all charges in the library's system and to restore library privileges.

Loss of Library Privileges

Borrowing privileges and access to the Library's Online Research Databases will be suspended if the faculty/staff borrower:

  • Has seven or more overdue items, OR
  • Has one or more billed item, OR
  • Owes $50 or more in unpaid fees for billed items

Resignation and Retirement

The return of all library material is required upon resignation or retirement. Supervisors are asked to consult with library staff before signing off on Part II of the LRCCD Resignation / Retirement form (P104). Those who fail to return checked-out items upon resignation or retirement will be billed a replacement and processing fee through the CRC Library.

Book and Media Purchase Requests

Help the Library build its collection by filling out the CRC Library Purchase Request form. Our primary goal is to support the needs of the students in your classes. For this reason, faculty requests for book and media purchases receive the highest priority. Student utilization of library resources is driven by your course assignments. In many cases, we are able to fulfill all faculty requests. However, due to budget constraints, we ask all faculty members to use the form to rank their requests based on the following need level:

  • Critical—Vital to teaching my current classes and will definitely be used by my students.
  • Collection Enhancement—Fills gaps in the library collection and may be used occasionally by my students.
  • Wish List—Item is relevant to the subject areas I teach and would be nice to have in the library collection.

When making requests, we ask that you also indicate whether the item should be put on Reserve and to which class(es) and instructor(s) it should be linked. Please contact your Faculty Librarian subject liaison if you have additional questions.