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You will be placed into an English composition class based on your skill level. 

You can view your placement results in your eServices account. From your eServices dashboard, click on the Academic Records then Placements. Your scores are displayed in the Placements section.

View the CRC English Course Sequence.

Transfer Bound Students

To get started on transfer level coursework, it is recommended that you take ENGWR 300 - College Composition. An English writing (ENGWR) corequisite class is required for those students needing additional support:

  • ENGWR 108- Accelerated College Writing

If you placed into ENGWR 108 - Accelerated College Writing, you can still complete transfer level English in one semester; you must take both ENGWR 300 and ENGWR 108 concurrently. The topics for ENGWR 108 are intended to help you develop the skills and understanding necessary for success in ENGWR 300.