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Connect with Starfish

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Starfish is a tool to connect you with resources at CRC. It can connect you to financial aid, tutoring, counseling, and more, to ensure you have the support you need to be successful.

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What Can I Expect from Connect with Starfish?

  • Instructors may use Connect with Starfish to create student support referrals when they think you'd benefit from a campus resource. These support referrals go directly to your Success Coach, who will connect you with resources and services.
  • You will receive kudos to acknowledge your great work!
  • Your counselors and other support staff can also use Starfish to connect you with resources. So, if you need something, just ask!

How Will I Use Connect with Starfish?

  • Connect with various services and resources available to you at CRC.
  • Communicate with your CAC Success Coach.
  • Reach out to your Success Network for help identifying academic options and campus resources.
  • Celebrate if you get kudos – stay focused and keep up the good work!


What is Starfish?

Starfish is a case management and early alert system designed to increase student retention and success. The system allows faculty to more easily connect students with support, services, and resources. When an instructor generates a student support referral for a student who needs support, that referral is automatically routed to the student’s success coach who will connect that student with the appropriate resource (for example, counseling, tutoring, financial aid, technology, or library services, among others). Counselors and support staff can also use Starfish to refer students to various services and resources at CRC.

What is the Role of Success Coach?

Success coaches are staff who are assigned to Career and Academic Communities (CACs), learning communities, and categorical support programs. In the context of Starfish, success coaches receive the student support referrals created by instructors and connect students with services to address the concerns discussed in the student support referrals. Additionally, success coaches:

  • Serve as a contact point for students
  • Facilitate connections between students and services
  • Respond to and assign referrals
  • Collaborate with student success teams
  • Participate in student orientations

What are Progress Surveys?

Starfish progress surveys are a quick and easy way to provide an update on how students are doing in your classes. For Spring 2021, progress surveys will be requested for student athletes and students in other special cohorts or support programs (e.g., EOP&S). This is an alternative to the pen-and-paper method that we used when we were on-ground at the college. Now that we are 100% online, Starfish progress surveys allow for faculty to directly send the progress reports for these select students.

Note: if you receive a request to complete a progress survey, it will include video instructions. Also, only those students as outlined above will have a pending progress survey for you to complete. In other words, you won’t have to complete progress surveys for your whole roster but only a few student athletes, etc.

Who Sees What?

When you make a referral for a student, there will be a list that shows who will be able to see that referral in the permissions section toward the bottom of the window. The student won’t be able to view the student support referral, but you should take care with your wording and the information you include.