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Cheri Fortin

Theatre Arts Professor

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Perhaps I state the obvious when I say that I love the theatre! Theatre gives me an opportunity to stride the gap between weird and beautiful. Or profound and obnoxious. Or graceful and hysterical. Moreover, as a director I get to make plays come to life! Plays are great vehicles for connecting with our own humanity, our community and our world. Plays communicate so much complexity, life, emotion and ambiguity which to me are the things that make me feel alive. And, I love the way that a live production of a play can make the words of a script get up and dance. Like dancing needs any justification at all! 

I hold an MFA in Theatre from Arizona State University. I have worked extensively as an actor, educator and director for the last 30 years. I share my passions in life (theatre, reading, grooving to good music, friends, hanging out, working out, fun parties, and life in general) with my wonderful husband and two brilliant children (I swear they might be smarter than me!). We hail from Seattle (Go Hawks!) but are proud to call Sacramento home!