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CRC Philanthropy Donor Impact Report

October 17, 2022

Three CRC students wearing graduation caps and gowns

We are pleased to share this report on philanthropic support of our college and to have the opportunity to convey our deepest gratitude to all the donors who have made a difference for our students, faculty, staff, and programs this year.

Despite the many challenges of the pandemic, 2021-22 proved to be an incredibly successful fundraising year for CRC with $232,000 raised to support our students and programs. The impact on our students has ranged from scholarship awards to basic needs programs and emergency grants, along with other program support that has directly improved the educational experience we provide. Every donor has touched the lives of so many people at CRC, and we thank you for your kindness!

Employee Giving

This year we received 1,377 gifts (both recurring payroll deduction and one-time gifts) from CRC employees for a total of $51,085! This amazing support from faculty and staff has tremendous impact on our students and is yet another way that you have shown you are committed to their success. Thank you for your generosity! If you are an employee interested in initiating or changing monthly giving, our payroll deduction form makes it super easy. Monthly giving adds up to important and consistent support we can count on to help our students!

Facts on Scholarships

Every year, the Los Rios Colleges Foundation scholarship program makes a deep financial impact on the lives of our students. This year, CRC awarded 101 scholarships and more than $75,000 to assist students in completing their educational goals.

As one CRC scholarship recipient noted:

“I had a hard time in the last two years because of Covid 19. I am an international student, and I come from Vietnam. Because of Covid, my family is currently running out of money for my higher education. This scholarship allows me to pay some living expenses to focus on my study. I will always be grateful to you. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope that I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me in the future."

– CRC Allan Kono Memorial Scholarship recipient

In 2021, CRC launched the Hawk Scholars program to ensure that education is accessible and affordable for all. This scholarship is a CRC-focused program created from funds that are pooled together into a general scholarship for deserving students. In our inaugural offering, a student enrolled in the Re-Emerging Scholars program was the recipient.

Hawk Cares Program

Many students face various challenges ranging from food insecurity to homelessness. To be intentional in meeting the basic needs of our students, CRC has created the Hawk Cares Program to provide one central location for our students in need. During the pandemic, the Hawk Cares Program served students remotely and in person. Students were able to receive non-perishable boxed food items free throughout the year and we provided grocery gift cards to students who were unable to visit our drive-thru distributions on campus. In Fall 2021, the Hawk Spot Food Pantry was relocated to the new Hawk Cares Center (P48) to offer expanded access to resources.

In academic year 2021-2022, the Center:

  • Had 483 unique student visitors to the food pantry
  • Provided 147 diapers and 67 hygiene kits
  • 26 students utilized our hotel vouchers

"It helped me to save some money for school supplies. The food helps me maintain good health and concentration because my stomach won't be growling.”

- CRC student | Library Information Technology major

Hawk Cares Center

Kaiser Permanente’s Support of Construction and Apprenticeship Program

In late 2021, Kaiser Permanente partnered with Los Rios Colleges Foundation and Capitol Impact to establish the Promise to Career: Construction Fund with a $250,000 grant. This program awards scholarships to students enrolled in construction and construction pre-apprenticeship certificate programs at CRC and in the apprenticeship programs at ARC with the dual purpose of encouraging more people to enter the construction trades where there are good-paying jobs that don’t require a four-year college degree and of providing fresh faces to a commercial and residential construction market hobbled by decades of declining interest among new workers. Eligible students can receive a $500 enrollment and $500 completion scholarship. Since the inception of the fund, 31 students have received scholarships.

A Huge Boost for Hawk Athletics

In 2020 Los Rios began partnering with eTeam, a fundraising platform that works with college and university athletics programs. Student athletes tap into their personal network of family and friends through social media. In the last year, five athletic teams utilized eTeam to raise $40,755.87 in direct support! These donor funds allow the teams to purchase equipment, uniforms, and to pay for the cost of travel around the state.

CRC Football Stadium

Student Emergency Fund

More than 381 CRC students were supported via the Student Emergency Fund last year. Funds are still available! The Los Rios Colleges Foundation will be extending the enhanced Student Emergency Fund grants of up to $1,000 to students who are involved in sudden and unexpected emergencies that threaten their ability to continue their education. The link to the application may be found on the Los Rios Colleges Foundation website. To be eligible, students must demonstrate exceptional need resulting from a sudden emergency event (loss of job, change in living situation, childcare needs, etc.) and qualify as low-income through either the FASFA or CADAA, or an undocumented or international student with no access to Financial Aid. They must also be enrolled in at least six units at Los Rios.

Sneak Peek for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year, and it is a day for people to give generously and to celebrate the impact of philanthropy. This year we are focusing on our Student Equity & Success fund, which funds our efforts to empower students to explore, affirm, and celebrate their individual and intersectional identities and define success for themselves. We hope you will join us in making a generous gift to the Student Equity & Success fund anytime between now and November 30, 2022, to be a part of our Giving Tuesday campaign!

Current Giving Priorities

While there are many needs on campus, there are four fundraising priorities where your support can make a difference this next year: CRC General Support, The CRC Culinary Arts Program Kitchen Remodel, CRC Student Equity & Success Fund, and Hawk Scholars. Please click on the links for more information on giving.

Thank you!

Again, we sincerely thank each donor who made a gift to our campus last year. Your support impacted the lives of students and made a difference to our campus community, and for that we are very grateful!

Michele K. Steiner, Regional Director of Philanthropy, will be on campus throughout the semester in Winn 109, or can be reached at (916) 691-7491 or