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As part of CRC’s ongoing efforts to support students' housing needs, the Hawk CARES Program has allocated funding to provide housing deposit assistance for students facing financial hardships caused by loss of job, housing, and/or unexpected living expenses.

Housing grants are to be used to reimburse students who have found safe, permanent housing and need assistance paying the deposit. The cap for Housing Deposit Assistance Reimbursement is $1,000 and all emergency situations must provide proof with written documentation. A maximum of one deposit assistance grant will be given to any one student during all enrollments at CRC.


  • Student must be in good standing (if not, must have a valid reason as to their status and have a documented plan to get back in good standing)
  • Student must be enrolled in a minimum of six units at CRC
  • Must have completed at least one semester in the Los Rios Community College District within the immediate past semester.
  • Must be registered for and/or received services from the Hawk CARES Center at the time of the request
  • To request reimbursement, the deposit must have been paid within 30 days of the request


  • Hawk CARES staff will verify all information directly with the landlord/leasing agent/rental company before approving the request. Verification will consist of:
    • Executed/approved copy of the lease/rental agreement with student’s name, address, lease/rental term, monthly rent, deposit, and move in date.
    • Letter, on company letterhead (when applicable) from landlord/leasing agent/rental company with student’s name, address, lease/rental term, monthly rent, deposit, and move in date.
    • No verbal confirmation will be accepted.
  • The reimbursement check will be made payable to the student and proof of payment to the landlord/rental agency must be submitted to CRC’s Hawk CARES Student Support Specialist. Reimbursement checks cannot be issued without proof of payment in the form of a receipt or letter from the landlord/leasing agency/ rental company. No verbal confirmation will be accepted.
  • You will be contacted within 48 hours of receipt of application with a determination. Agree to case management services focused on financial literacy. This would require monthly meetings with the Hawk CARES Student Support Specialist to discuss budgeting, financial management, and/or enrollment in the Los Rios Money Matters Series.
  • Agree to periodic check-ins regarding academic progress.


  • Students would be asked to participate in a “pay it forward” model. This would entail the student returning the deposit to CRC Hawk CARES Program when they are financially stable and have the ability to do so.

If you are seeking deposit reimbursement assistance, meet eligibility, and agree to the requirements, submit a Resource Request Form to apply. You will be contacted by the Hawk CARES Student Support Specialist to discuss your application. Decisions will be made within 48 hours of application interview. Checks will be available for pick up or mailed to the address on file. Checks typically arrive in two to four weeks.

Resource Request Form