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Cosumnes River College has many social and academic clubs that can benefit your academic, professional and personal development. Below is a list of this year's clubs and advisors. If you don't see something you're interested in, find a faculty advisor who will guide you in forming a new club and mentoring its members.

The Student Life and Leadership Center (SLLC) welcomes the opportunity to work with club officers and advisors in continuing the club tradition at Cosumnes River College. Our purpose in providing this guide is to give you a tool that will enable you to work effectively with your organization and to introduce you to the services provided by SLLC.

How to Join a Club

If you are interested in joining a club, please reach out directly to the Faculty Advisor or Club President through the contact information provided below.


Active Clubs

Agriculture Ambassadors

Purpose: To promote and support the interests of the Agriculture Department at Cosumnes River College, foster a sense of community among students interested in agriculture, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth in the field of agriculture.
Advisor: Howard Lewis,
President: Lela Wicks,

Architecture Student Association

Purpose: To collaborate in the shared growth of students passionate about architecture and design. We offer opportunities inside and outside the classroom, including internships and employment, firm and university tours, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, competitions, and additional resources and activities to support student growth in careers and continued education focused on architecture and design.
Advisor: Jason Ellis,
President: James Ramos,
Instagram: @crc.architecture
Linktree: crcarch

Art Club

Purpose: The purpose of this club is to create a space in which artists can gather, share ideas, collaborate, and find new opportunities.
Advisor: Robin Johnson,
President: Hao Kieu,

Chess Club

Purpose: To motivate students and help them gain experience playing the strategic game of chess. This game will teach students about the value of a choice and teaches them to make decisions based on long term plans, ability and overall outcome. The goal of the club is to play chess in a productive and educational way and to hold a tournament at the end of the semester where they can demonstrate their knowledge.
Advisor: Edwin Fagin,
President: Atlanta Nguyen,

Cosumnes Ritmo

Purpose: The purpose of Cosumnes Ritmo is to promote Latin dancing, culture and activities by hosting lessons and social dancing.
Advisor: Blanca Gill,
President: Cody Smith,

CRC Coders Collective

Purpose: Provide unity to software, hardware, and computer related engineers at CRC, discussing current technologies, having hackathons, coding related events, a and many other prospective activities, also want to maybe get in contact with internships for students.
Advisor: Wendell Fishman;
President: Armaan Sandhu;

Curiosity Engineering

Purpose: This club embarks on a mission to illuminate the brilliance that resides within our student body. We aim to capture the essence of critical thinking, leadership, team cohesion, and creative prowess through our pursuit of ambitious engineering projects. These projects, meticulously documented from initial calculations to the final brushstroke of design and construction, find their digital canvas for the world to witness. Our aspiration is to ignite a beacon of curiosity in STEM, transcending the boundaries of our campus, as students unite within specialized teams, forging a path to inspire. Each participant contributes their unique brilliance, and through these endeavors, we fortify not just resumes, but dreams and futures.
Advisor: Eric Anderson,
President: Addiston Thao,
Instagram: @crc.curiosityengineering
Curiosity Engineering Website

Developer Student Club

Purpose: The Developer Student Club empowers new and current students from underrepresented backgrounds with hopes of helping students succeed in understanding and using technology. The Developer Student Club will offer students a place where students can help each other in understanding and using modern day technology with hopes of helping students succeed in their career. In addition, the Developer Student Club will offer workshops and help for students who wish to learn more about programming or computers in general.
Advisor: Michael Carney,
President: Abiy Fanta,

English Language Learner and Immigrant Support Club (ELLIS)

Purpose: The purpose of the organization is to support English Language Learners and immigrants on their path to academic and personal growth. With inclusion and opportunity as core values, the club is a bridge between the college and the diverse community it serves.
Advisor: João Francisco,
President: Xavier Xiang,

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us using our referral form.

Film and Media Studies Club

Purpose: The purpose of the Film and Media Studies (FMS) Club is to provide a space for students to interact in a more direct way with film and media studies issues outside of the classroom. Students analyze film/media texts, discuss general film/media issues in contemporary culture, screen popular films /media, engage in discussions about degree options, brainstorm ideas for screenplays or short film ideas and connect with fellow FMS students to collaborate on writing or film projects.
Advisor: Adam Wadenius,
President: Andrea Swan,
Instagram: @crcfmsclub

Gaming Club

Purpose: To have an inclusive environment for those who want to play games and be a part of a gaming community and to have diversity whether it is a phone, console, or PC game play.
Advisor: Michael Carney,
President: Leah Storms,
Instagram: @crcgamingclub

Guitar Club

Purpose: Welcome to the Guitar Club at CRC! We're all about celebrating the joy of guitar music. Join us to improve your skills, jam with friends, and perform on campus. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, come share your passion for music with us and let's make beautiful melodies together!
Advisor: Julie Salzman;
President: Jasmeet Singh;

Kasamahan Pilipino Club

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to encourage cultural awareness and Filipino excellence through various social and educational activities. We want to promote pride in Filipino heritage, uplift Filipino youth, and inform each other about current events/social issues. We would also like to be active in the community. This is a club for everyone, not just Filipinos, who want to join and learn about Filipino culture in a safe and accepting space.
Advisor: Paolo Soriano,
President: Alyanna Manzano,
Instagram: @crc_kp

MECS - Academic Excellence in Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science

Purpose: The purpose of Academic Excellence in Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science is to create important networks, resources and opportunities for those who wish to pursue excellence in the areas of mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Additionally, the purpose of Academic Excellence in Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science is to increase interest in the areas of mathematics, engineering, and computer science among underrepresented student populations.
Advisor: Michael Carney,
President: Kyle Gray,
Instagram: @mecsclub.crc

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Purpose: The Muslim Student Association is a student-led organization that seeks to create a supportive and inclusive environment for Muslim students on campus. Its primary purpose is to foster a sense of community and to promote understanding and awareness of Islamic culture, traditions, and values among both Muslim and non-Muslim students.
Advisor: Paolo Soriano,
President: Ridhwan Sabeer,
Instagram: @crc.msa

Native Student Alliance

Purpose: The purpose of the Native Student Alliance is to create a student support group for Native Students by embracing culture and promoting awareness. We encourage leadership and respect for students through community involvement and academia.
Advisor: Jason Newman,
President: November Rain,

O, Q, S (Out, Questioning, Straight)

Purpose: The purpose of the LGBTQ2S+ Club at Cosumnes River College is to create a supportive and inclusive community for LGBTQ2S+ students and their allies. Raise awareness about LGBTQ 2S+ issues, and rights. Provide help by offering a safe space for students to connect, share experiences, and seek support. Advocate for LGBTQ2S+ rights and equality on campus and in the broader community. Organize educational events, workshops, and discussions to educate the campus community on LGBTQ2S+ topics. Celebrate the diversity of gender and sexual identities through events and activities. Encourage the involvement of allies who support LGBTQ2S+ rights and inclusion. Provide resources and support for the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ2S+ students.
Advisor: Amanda Proscal,
President: Alejandra Leyva

Outdoors Club

Purpose: To help students connect with and enjoy the outdoor experiences in Northern California and foster a lifelong connection with the outdoors.
Advisor: John Seamons,
President: November Rain,
Instagram: @crcoutdoorclub

Pacific Islander Student Association

Purpose: The goal of the Pacific Islander Student Association is to build a space for students who identify as Micronesian, Melanesian, and or Polynesian. In hopes of sharing Pacific Islander culture, customs, and dances on the CRC campus. As well as bringing more awareness to PI social justice issues and bringing more recognition to Pacific Islanders students at CRC as well as in the greater Sacramento area. We also hope to collaborate and meet more Pacific islander communities at other Los Rios Colleges as well.
Advisor: Paolo Soriano;
President: Lesieli Netane;
Instagram: @crc_pisa

Pre-Health Club

Purpose: The Pre-Health Club (PHC) shall serve all LRCC students who are majoring in (or exploring) a medical-related field. The purpose of the club is to provide information about resources to Pre-Med students. As guest speakers, the Club shall invite physicians, surgeons, residents, medical students, nurses, and physician assistants to share their experiences in the healthcare field. As volunteer hours are also required for medical school applications, opportunities for community service and volunteering shall be made available to club members. Due to the incredibly stressful nature of pre-med and pre-health courses, participants shall also provide each other with peer counseling.
Advisor: Jason Patterson,
President: Esther Nguyen,
Instagram: @prehealthclub_
Linktree: crcprehealthclub

Puente Club

Purpose: To support and connect Puente Project and CRC students outside of the classroom while honoring Mexican/Latinx culture at CRC. Club Puente will progress into leadership as we promote and advocate for the Puente Project. Through a familia bond, we will volunteer alongside the Puente Project via community service, transfer assistance, mental health awareness, and more.
Advisor: Liliana Mendoza, 
President: Alfredo Lopez-Juarez,

Join the Puente Club

Transfer Community Club

Purpose: The goal of the club is to cultivate a community of students who are looking to transfer and not only support one another but to receive extra resources and support through workshops, webinars, and club events.
Advisor: Megan Neves,
President: Ashton Simbol,

Inactive Clubs


Purpose: In affiliation with the A2MEND organization (, the CRC A2MEND Club is a student support structure that seeks to establish an affirming environment where African American male students and other men of color are able to thrive. The aim of the Club is to improve academic success and to develop culturally competent servant student leaders.

C.A.R.N.A.L. - Creating Academic Readiness Network for Aspiring Latinos

Purpose: Build a brotherhood and empower Latino male students to be self-advocates and leaders on and off the CRC campus by validating their experiences, supporting the various needs of our students. C.A.R.N.A.L. aims to meet the needs of our Latino male student population while embodying the principles of academic excellence, culture and brotherhood.

Cognitive Science Club

Purpose: The Cognitive Science Club at CRC gives other students more information, and support regarding this major. This major is a good opportunity for students that are currently studying or have an interest in neuroscience, general science, psychology, linguistics, and anthropology in which they all are a good fit for this major. Also, this club is opened to all students especially the ones that do not know what to major in, this club will give students the opportunity to join in and learn if this major might be the one for them. This club will also be an area where other cognitive science majors can meet and support each other.

Cosumnes Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO)

Purpose: Bringing together and empowering students with the tools of mentorship, education, and innovation to become successful entrepreneurs.

Drama and Performing Arts Club

Purpose: TBA

Fire Club

Purpose: To provide opportunities for students to share similar interests with their peers, learn new skills, seek guidance and enhance knowledge needed to obtain a career in the fire service.

Global Medical Brigades

Purpose: Global Medical Brigades at Cosumnes River College is a secular, international student-operated volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sustainable development to underserved communities throughout the world. Along with affiliate groups at other distinguished universities, our Cosumnes River College team recruits student volunteers and professionals, gathers supplies, and then travels overseas to set up free medical clinics in a variety of Honduran, Panamanian, and Nicaraguan communities. Our organization will hold one trip per year, taking place during academic breaks, and provide ongoing year-long educational and professional development opportunities that relate to international health and development to members.

Music Club

Purpose: TBA

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) - Beta Theta Upsilon Chapter

Purpose: Our club's purpose is the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among our members.


Purpose: The TRIO Club cultivates a warm and inclusive college environment, fostering friendships and connections among students. Through engaging activities and community service, we aim to enhance the college experience, promote personal growth, and develop professional life skills.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Purpose: Create a safe space for students to connect through culture. Educate about different historical events, holidays, and other traditions. Additionally, building a stronger community on campus.