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Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME)

A Note From Dean Brian Rickel

Storytelling is a cornerstone of society. By sharing stories, we pass down the traditions which create our shared humanity. Within this rich tradition of building community through storytelling, I’d like to welcome you to the Career and Academic Community of Arts, Media & Entertainment. A theatre maker by trade and training, I count myself lucky to lead a community of storytellers. Whether told through a piece of music, a film, a news article, a photograph, a play, a painting or a piece clay we cherish every story told by the amazing student artists, faculty and staff that comprise this division of Cosumnes River College.

As a society, where is it we turn in times of emotional need? Where do we turn for comfort? Often that answer is a piece of music, a favorite show, a story we acted out as children, a picture of a loved one or we draw and color just to connect with ourselves again. In short, we turn to art. It lifts our spirits, it allows us to examine feelings of which we are unsure, and art allows us to make sense of a world often filled with derision, cynicism and cruelty. Art brings with it a shared empathy and humanity. It builds community.

The arts are as important as any other discipline you will find on our beautiful campus. Study after study has proven that participating in art will make you a better student in a STEM discipline should that be the course you’ve chosen. We are here to support your journey in that. For those of you who desire a career in the arts, we exist to show you a world in which you matter, a world in which your passion to become an artist is valued as a beautiful and imperative part of our society. We invite you all in to build a community of shared humanity that holds a mirror up to society so that it can see itself in a better light. I promise you won’t regret allowing yourself to follow your heart.

I hope to meet you soon and help you discover your passion.

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Current Exhibitions and Events

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The AME office is located inside the Visual and Performing Arts Center on CRC's main campus.