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Need help? Use these helpful tips and PDF resources to guide you in completing your CCCApply application.

Before You Start

Account Creation

Enter your email address or mobile number to begin creating your California Community Colleges student account. You will receive a code via email to verify your identity and keep your account secure.

Account Recovery

Students who have created a CCCApply account must login using the account they created; they should not create a new account.

Students who forgot their username/password can use the "Recover Account" button.


Students who need additional assistance can contact CCCHelp directly:
Phone: (877) 247-4836
TTY: (877) 836-9332

Guides for Completing the Application

Items to Note

  1. Students who select “undecided” as their major/goal will not be eligible for financial aid. We encourage students to select what they are most interested in majoring in/pursuing as of right now. See CCCApply Instructions for Updating Your Major (PDF).
  2. On the “Education” screen, be sure to enter accurate information. We recommend referring to your High school transcript to ensure that the information you input is true and accurate.