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Home Admissions Placement Which Math Course?

Are you unsure which math class to enroll in? Here's some tips:

Tip 1

Review your Placement Report in eServices (under Academic Records/Placement) as well as the CRC Math Placement Grid to determine which math course to enroll in.

Tip 2

You are not required to register for all of the courses listed in your Placement Report. Only enroll in the math course(s) needed for your academic goal or major.

If you are unsure of which class satisfies the requirements for your academic goal or major, please refer to the Education Plan you received either from your New Student Orientation, Success Coach or Counselor. If you do not have an education plan, please Schedule a Counseling Appointment.

Unsure which math courses apply to your major?

Are you a B-STEM student? Please see Math Placement Information for B-STEM Students for important information pertaining to your placements.

Important to know: The number of units you are enrolled in may affect your financial aid, VA benefits (if applicable) and more. See Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy.

Unsure which math courses apply to your major?

Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

  • Examples of majors: art, art history, communication, English, film, foreign languages, history, humanities, music, photography, theatre arts, anthropology, economics, journalism, kinesiology, political science, psychology, sociology, and others
  • Note: Psychology and sociology majors may require Psych 330
  • Pathway: Liberal Arts and Social Science Pathway

Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Elementary Education