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The following students may want to have their English and/or math placements re-evaluated:

  • A student who completed the college application who did not answer all the questions related to high school information or who answered those questions inaccurately
  • A student who graduated from a US high school within the last ten years

Please note: students must be term active at CRC (enrollment within the last two semesters) by either completing the online application or the supplemental enrollment form.

Request Re-Evaluation, Registration Help or Submit Other Questions

You may request re-evaluation, submit unofficial or official high school transcripts, request registration help or submit other placement questions by filling out this online form.

Students can view potential new placement(s) in their eServices account (under "Academic Records") after 72 hours. Your placements are displayed in the "Placements" section.

If placements have not changed after 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) please contact the Assessment Office for further information at

*Re-evaluation requests submitted without a high school transcript will not be processed. Transcripts submitted are retained permanently by CRC and will not be returned. Please retain a copy for your records prior to submitting. Foreign transcripts/coursework cannot be accurately evaluated and will not be eligible for placement reevaluation.