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Home Admissions Placement Math and Statistics Placement

You will be placed into a mathematics (MATH) or statistics (STAT) class based on your skill level and your educational goal. You can view your placement results in your eServices account. From your eServices dashboard, click on Academic Records, then Placements. Your scores will be displayed there.

If you have taken the AP calculus exam or AP stat exam, EAP or CAASPP exam, please email a completed Math Clearance/Challenge Form and a copy of your exam scores to Be sure to indicate the CRC course on the Math Clearance/Challenge Form you wish to clear the prerequisite for.

View the CRC Mathematics and Statistics Course Sequence.

Transfer-Bound Students

Statistics and math support (MATHS) corequisite classes are required for those students who want to get to transfer-level coursework in their first semester, but need additional support:

  • MATH 79: Lab Skills for Miscellaneous Transferrable Math. Must be concurrently enrolled in a transfer-level math course (MATH 300 and above.)
  • MATH 76: Support Lab for Trigonometry/Precalculus Skills Lab. Open to students who are concurrently enrolled in a Trigonometry (MATH 335) or Precalculus (MATH 370) course.