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Assessment Testing

Important: With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students who graduated from a United States high school in the last 10 years will receive English and Math placements using high school records instead of standardized assessment tests. Those students will be able to view their placements in their eServices accounts. To view your placements, login to eServices, click on the Academic Records tile, then Placements. Please contact the Placement Office at for questions.

ESL Assessment Tests: If you are still learning English, then you can complete the English as a Second Language (ESL) Placement Process, which will place you in an ESL class that matches your skill level. Please visit the ESL Placement page to sign up for the ESL Placement Process.

Please see CRC's Online Services for information related to campus services, or the Los Rios Response to Coronavirus page for district-wide updates and frequently asked questions.

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