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Need help? Use these helpful tips and PDF resources to guide you in completing your CCCApply application.

Before You Start

  1. Create a CCCApply Account
    • Students must create an account before beginning the application.
    • Students will have to create a username, password, pin number, and choose security questions for this account.
    • Students should keep the username and password created in a safe place. If the student is not able to submit the application at this time, this username/password will be used to log into the account to update any information missing.
    • Do not spend too much time on the pin number and security questions.
    • Students who took Advanced Education Courses in high school and wish to attend CRC after they graduate must log into their CCCApply account and submit a CRC application as a new, incoming student out of high school.
  2. Personal Email
    • Students must use a personal email not a high school email to complete the application. Free email accounts are available from many sources:
      • Google Gmail
      • Yahoo Email
      • Microsoft Outlook
        Note: While all of the providers listed above have millions of users and are widely trusted to be reliable and secure, OpenCCC and the CCC Chancellor's Office do not endorse any particular email providers, and will have no liability should any issues arise with a particular email provider.
  3. Social Security Number (SSN); if applicable
    • If a student does not know their SSN they can decline to include the SSN Number at this time (Student will have to select that they decline to include the SSN at the bottom of the “Create Account” page) and can enter the account to edit at a later time IF they did not submit the application.
      NOTE: We suggest students to not submit their application until they have their SSN ready.
  4. Undocumented Students
    • Undocumented students with or without DACA can create a CCCApply account and complete the application with or without an SSN or ITIN. Students do not need an SSN or ITIN to apply to any California Community College.
    • Contact the CRC Dream Center if you need additional information or assistance.
  5. International Students
  6. Account Recovery
    • Students who have created a CCCApply account must login using the account they created; they should not create a new account.
    • Students who forgot their username/password can use the "Forgot" icon on the CCCApply site.
    • Students who use this function and still cannot find their username/password, can call the OpenCCC help line. If they don’t have their username, password, and aren’t able to answer security questions to retrieve that information, the student will have to contact CCCApply directly; CRC does not have access to CCCApply account information.

CCCApply Technical Support: call (877) 247-4836 or email

Guides for Completing the Application

  1. CCCApply Checklist
    • Before starting the application make sure you have all of the information you need handy! Review the CCCApply Checklist (PDF) prior to starting the application.

Items to Note

  1. Students who select “undecided” as their major/goal will not be eligible for financial aid. We encourage students to select what they are most interested in majoring in/pursuing as of right now. See CCCApply Instructions for Updating Your Major (PDF).
  2. On the “Education” screen, be sure to enter accurate information. We recommend referring to your High school transcript to ensure that the information you input is true and accurate.