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Before You Begin

First, be sure you have downloaded and completed the entire Special Admit Form and have obtained all required signatures.

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with your high school official to determine which classes you are eligible to take.
  • Complete the Special Admit Form, typed only. Do not fill out the application in your internet browser window. The application is a fillable PDF; you must save the application to your computer before filling it out in order to save your information.
  • Be sure the application is completed thoroughly with the 5-digit course number and course title for the classes you wish to take.
  • Obtain parent/legal guardian signature (typed signature is ok).
  • Complete the form, then obtain school principal or designated counselor/administrator signature (electronic signature, wet signature or certified signature with time-stamp required). If signing this form as a designee of the principal, you must provide the college with a listing (on school letterhead and signed by the principal) of all duly authorized designees or the college must have this information on file.
  • If you are home schooled or enrolled in a high school where transcripts are not available, please provide a record of completed course work, achievement level, and grade level. If your school is not listed on the California Department of Education's School Directory website, please also include a copy of the private school affidavit submitted to the State or County Office of Education to document the student's involvement in an educational process.

Next, submit the application packet using the submission form below. Remember:

  • All attachments must be in PDF format. The Special Admit Form must be attached in PDF format. Pictures/photos of documents will not be accepted. See Dual Enrollment FAQ if you have questions about how to convert files to PDF.
  • All information must be completed on this submission form in order to submit the Special Admit Form PDF and required attachments.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or approved.
  • Processing time is up to 15 business days. Dual Education students will receive a priority 3 enrollment date.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the Dual Education application packet is accurate and complete.

Note: the term "Dual Enrollment" is replacing "Advanced Education" beginning in Summer 2023. For more definitions, see Los Rios Administrative Regulation R-2212.