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Home Admissions Financial Aid and Fees Scams and Fraudulent Behavior

More common today than in the past, people who need financial aid are finding themselves victims to financial aid and scholarship scams.

The most common scams are usually in the form of fake scholarships or loans. Remember no one is supposed to solicit you for your financial aid, and that there should not be a lot of pressure to get you to participate.

Recently there has been a scam circulating that promises to pay back your loans with grants, but asks for your financial information. If you have received any postcards or e-mails that make this claim, please bring them into our office as soon as possible.

Red Flags to Look Out For

  • You have to pay a fee for the services
  • There is a "money-back guarantee"
  • Your credit card or bank information is being asked for
  • The organization claims exclusive information or offers not available anywhere else
  • The organization claims a high percentage of applicants receive their scholarship

Please report scams as soon as possible.  Scams may be reported to the Federal Trade Commission online or by calling (877) FTC-HELP. Also, let CRC's Financial Aid office know so we can make sure other students don't fall victim to fraud.

More Information About Scams