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The Consortium Request is to request financial aid consideration for course(s) taken at other Los Rios Colleges (American River College, Folsom Lake College and/or Sacramento City College), while also taking courses at Cosumnes River College.

How to Make a Request

In order to determine if you should submit a Consortium Request, please answer the following questions:

  1. Are you enrolled in courses at more than one Los Rios College?
  2. Are you enrolled in at least 0.5 units at CRC?
  3. Is CRC the school granting your certificate, degree or transfer?
  4. Add the units you are taking at the other Los Rios College(s) and the number of units you are taking at CRC. Will the total units you are enrolled in at all Los Rios Colleges make a difference in your enrollment status (see chart below)?

If you answer "yes" to ALL the questions above, you should consider submitting a Consortium Request to your counselor. You may be eligible for additional financial aid. The Consortium Request form may be downloaded from Financial Aid Forms.

Fall and Spring Enrollment Status

Full-time status (FullX) 12.00 or more units
Three-quarter time status (3/4X) 9.00 - 11.99 units
Half-time status (1/2X) 6.00 - 8.99 units
Less than half-time status (<1/2X) 0.01 - 5.99 units

Summer Enrollment Status

Full-time status (FullX) 6.00 or more units
Three-quarter time status (3/4X) 4.50 - 5.99 units
Half-time status (1/2X) 3.00 - 4.49 units
Less than half-time status (<1/2X) 0.01 - 2.99 units