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Advertising/Public Relations

Associate Degree

A.A. in Advertising/Public Relations

This CRC program is part of CRC's offerings in Radio, Television and Film Production and is designed for students interested in careers in public relations and advertising. This program trains students in public relations and advertising theory and exposes them to production techniques for the Internet, radio, television and print media.

Highlights include:
* Instruction and practice in desktop publishing and graphics applications in the department's Apple digital media laboratory or PC computer lab
* Opportunities for practical experience selling and designing ads for campus publications
* Introductory production experience in radio and television advertising, writing and production
* Internship opportunities working in local media including Advertising Agencies, Public Relations firms, TV and Radio stations, post-production houses, corporate and government employers.

Note to Transfer Students:
If you are interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this major, it is critical that you meet with a CRC counselor to select and plan the courses for your major. Schools vary widely in terms of the required preparation. The courses that CRC requires for an Associate’s degree in this major may be different from the requirements needed for the Bachelor’s degree.

Catalog Date: June 1, 2021

Degree Requirements

Course Code Course Title Units
CISC 302 Computer Familiarization (2) 2
   or JOUR 330 Computer Familiarization (2)
RTVF 300 Mass Media and Society (3) 3
   or JOUR 310 Mass Media and Society (3)
RTVF 330 Beginning Single Camera Production 3
RTVF 376 Advertising (3) 3
   or MKT 314 Advertising (3)
RTVF 370 Broadcast Writing & Announcing 3
JOUR 300 Newswriting and Reporting 3
JOUR 351 Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 3
MKT 310 Selling Professionally 3
COMM 341 Organizational Communication 3
A minimum of 6 units from the following: 6
RTVF 312 Beginning Radio Production (3)
RTVF 316 Introduction to Radio Workshop (3)
RTVF 331 Beginning Television Studio Production (3)
RTVF 360 Introduction to Motion Graphics: Adobe After Effects (3)
RTVF 380 Broadcast Journalism (3)
RTVF 498 Work Experience in Radio, Television and Film (0.5 - 4)
JOUR 340 Writing for Publication (3)
PHOTO 301 Beginning Photography (3)
PHOTO 320 Color Photography (3)
PHOTO 340 Careers in Photography (3)
COMM 301 Introduction to Public Speaking (3)
COMM 363 Introduction to Communication Theory (3)
Total Units: 32

The Advertising/Public Relations Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree may be obtained by completion of the required program, plus general education requirements, plus sufficient electives to meet a 60-unit total. See CRC graduation requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • write in clear, concise English. (SLO-1)
  • research critically, filter the results and present them in a cogent manner. (SLO-2)
  • analyze, interpret, and exercise critical judgment in the evaluation of media productions. (SLO-3)
  • demonstrate through projects that with the power of a communicator, comes moral and ethical responsibility. (SLO-4)
  • produce creative, persuasive messages for a specific target audience. (SLO-5)
  • define the role of advertising and marketing communications in achieving organizational objectives, including traditional business practices. (SLO-6)
  • plan a complete marketing communication program including situation analysis, research, objective-setting, target audience definition, creative development, media planning, budgeting, and program outcome evaluation. (SLO-7)
  • describe and discuss both traditional and non-traditional media and their uses. (SLO-8)
  • employ production skills in those areas important to functioning successfully as an entry-level professional. (SLO-9)

Career Information

Career Options Public Information Officer; Community Relations Specialist; Media Consultant; Public Relations Firm Representative, Media Sales, Copy Writer Some career options may require more than two years of college study.