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Students playing trombone


The Music Ensembles at CRC offer more than an opportunity for musical excellence - they also provide an instant feeling of belonging, a chance to participate in some of the college's most popular classes and the opportunity to form life-long friendships. We offer the opportunity for students to perform before a live audience throughout the academic year. Ensembles at CRC are open to any CRC student or community member.


We want you! Most ensembles are open to all students at all levels of playing and singing. Bring your energy and talent, and we will find the right ensemble for you. Some ensembles require a live audition. Audition requirements are listed in the course description, but please contact the ensemble director for more information.


While enrollment is required to participate in CRC music ensembles, students may volunteer to participate in any ensemble after taking the maximum number of repeatable sections of that ensemble.

For example, a student may volunteer to sing in Gospel Choir after they have enrolled in the course for four semesters.

To volunteer, simply complete the CRC Music Volunteer Form and email it to appropriate ensemble director: