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Hear what CRC Music students and alumni have to say about their experiences at CRC.

Tyler Griffin

Suk Chan

Brianna Brock and Ricardo Roldan

Annabelle Terry

Brian Parkhurst

Los Angeles based composer for film, TV, and video games, CRC Music Alumnus

"The courses and faculty at Cosumnes River College gave me the fundamental skills and inspiration that are still a vital part of my music career to this day."

Annabelle Terry

Annabelle Terry

Singer, CRC Music Alumna

"Attending the Music Department at CRC directly after high school was one of the best decisions I could have made towards my future as an artist. I am excited that I've made the decision to continue my education at UC Berkeley. Thank you to the supportive CRC faculty and staff."

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Annabelle Terry

Michael Hemsworth

Director, New Songs School of Music
CRC Music Alumnus

"I started at CRC as a 16-year-old and tried to fly 'under the radar' until John Landes outed me in World Music for being the youngest in class (and still getting all my work done).  I went on to finish a Bachelor's in Music at UC Davis (and later an MBA) and love my career as a music educator.  I still feel connected to my days in community college that helped me get a great start, with very real connections to the faculty who I felt honestly believed in me and hoped for my success. As the decades have changed so has the faculty but as an alumni I feel equally connected to the current faculty and love being able to work in the field alongside such passionate, dedicated educators."

New Songs School of Music