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Career Opportunities and Pathways

What is the outlook for entry-level employment in this field?

It is very good for well-trained assistants. The growth rate for this occupation is much higher than for most. Remember, MAs can work both in clinical and administrative tasks. Some administrative MAs find even more job possibilities even than the clinical MA (although both are great). There is probably a greater range of possibilities for them since their skill sets are widely valued outside of the field of medicine as well.

How well do CRC graduates compete in this entry-level market?

Almost all (95%) of our graduates have jobs.

What is the pay range from entry-level pay to high end with experience in this career?

MAs working for private practitioners will be paid at the lower end about $9 dollars per hour. With the "big four" (Kaiser, Mercy, Sutter and UCD), the MA entry rate is $15 to $17 per hour. With experience, they will receive $18 to $19 per hour. As with most occupations, wages are higher in LA and the Bay area than elsewhere in the state.

What other jobs are related to or made possible by experience or training in this field? What is the potential for advancement in this career?

Clinical assistants may move toward RN careers. With experience, the Medical Assistant may gain admission to Physician's Assistant programs. The front office MA will often funnel to billing or coding jobs and administrative positions with much higher salaries. As you can see, the administrative route is a "different career path" as professor Burns says.

Additional Career Information