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A table fair for transfer students

UCLA Transfer Alliance Program

CRC is a member of the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (UCLA TAP). UCLA TAP offers Honors students at member community colleges a priority admissions pathway to UCLA's College of Letters and Science, a more than 300% increase in your likelihood of being accepted for transfer admission to UCLA.

Priority admission via UCLA TAP is available only to majors in UCLA’s College of Letters and Science. (For a list of these majors, visit UCLA/College.) In addition to providing priority admissions, UCLA TAP provides students with the opportunity to apply to UCLA in both a primary major and an alternate major.

To qualify for TAP transfer, you must:

  • Qualify for transfer admission to UCLA
  • Apply to UCLA via the regular transfer admissions process
  • Be UCLA TAP certified by the CRC's Honors Program during the spring semester following the fall semester of your application to UCLA

The core of eligibility for TAP certification is CRC's 15-unit Honors Certificate. To be eligible for TAP certification, you must have completed, or be on track to complete, CRC's 15-unit Honors Certificate with a GPA of 3.5 or better.

UCLA TAP Transfer Requirements

To be eligible for UCLA TAP transfer, a CRC student must:

  1. Be a student in the CRC Honors Program.
  2. Satisfy CRC Honors Program Continuation Requirements for each year they participate in the Honors Program.*
  3. Complete the 15-unit CRC Honors Certificate with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.*
  4. Complete all, or at least a significant portion of, the lower-division major preparation for the major(s) for which they are applying to UCLA.
  5. Submit a transfer admissions application to UCLA (UC Application, selecting application to UCLA) during the relevant fall semester. The Alternate Major listed on your UCLA application must match the alternate major listed on your UCLA TAP.
  6. Be UCLA TAP-certified by CRC the spring semester following their application to UCLA.
    1. Submit a CRC UCLA TAP Statement of Intent to the CRC Honors Program (January).
    2. Submit a UCLA Applicant Agreement Form (January-February) to UCLA.
    3. Submit a UCLA TAP Transfer Worksheet to the CRC Honors Program (January-February).
    4. Submit other forms to CRC and/or UCLA as required.

*Students must satisfy these requirements entirely by the end of the spring semester following their application to UCLA. They must have already satisfied a significant portion of these requirements by the end of the fall term during which they apply to UCLA and be on track to complete these requirements the following semester.

For information about the full range of your transfer opportunities as a CRC Honors Program student, visit the CRC Transfer Center.