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Student Experiences

What do students have to say about the program?

Jaymie Perrin

CRC Fire Technology student Jaymie Perrin currently works for the Wilton Fire Department. She is also applying for the CRC Elk Grove CSD Firefighter Internship Program for Fall 07. She offered the following comments:

When asked how and why she got into Fire Technology, Jaymie replied “I get bored and don’t want to do the same thing over and over. I came from Elk Grove High where I did ROP (firefighting) classes.”

Asked about her opinions on the classes and professors in the CRC Fire Technology program she had this to say, “I have never heard anyone say ‘I hate that class’, it’s voluntary and not something that you go into half-hearted.” The teachers are all very good, very understanding…the Building Construction (FT 303) was toughest for me because I didn’t have any background like some of the guys.” I was AG in high school though and did well in equipment, (FT 302).”

As for being a woman in a male-dominated occupation, Jaymie replied that “I am the one for ‘confined’ spaces (because of her smaller size). We had a roll-over yesterday and I was the only one who could get in (in the vehicle)!”

Scott Schon

Scott is a current CRC Fire Technology student, close to graduation and has completed the Firefighter Internship program.

When asked about the rigor of the EMT 100 class, he had this to say:  “You can’t just ‘wing’ it. We had a study group that met and practiced the skills.”

Scott says about the Cooperative Work Experience Firefighter Internship: For me, I learn best ‘hands-on’ so it was a good way to see the day-to-day operation (at a station). The first semester was the busiest with Friday for classroom and tests while Saturday was all training. The second term was just one day per week and you get to pick it.”

What did he get out of the internship? Scott is now actively seeking employment as a firefighter and he said that he is competitive now. “2500 people applied for the Modesto Fire Department and I made it to the interview!” He also feels that it was valuable to take a good number of Fire Technology classes before entering the internship because he knew that much more than if he had entered with minimum qualifications.