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Marcos Martinez in the Archaeological Chemistry Lab at Arizona State University

Marcos Martinez in the Archaeological Chemistry Lab at Arizona State University.

Cosumnes River College plays a vital role in the education and training of our community. Serving students for 50 years, we know that the future is hard to predict. One thing we do know is our Anthropology students need resources to pursue their dreams, whether it is as an anthropologist, archaeological technician, project director, or in any number of careers. To meet this need, we have established the CRC Anthropology Endowment to provide scholarships to our students in perpetuity.

Your donation to the CRC Anthropology Endowment will support students like Marcos Martinez.

“My time at Cosumnes River College was foundational to my personal academic journey. While at CRC I fell in love with anthropology, and this passion for the field was fostered and encouraged by my amazing professors and instructional assistants. The mentorship and support I received eventually helped me transfer to UC Davis, and from there I have had a successful career as a contract archaeologist and, more recently, as a doctoral student in anthropology. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the amazing support and encouragement I received from the anthropology department at CRC!”

Donors who create or contribute to an endowment do so because they understand the importance of supporting Cosumnes River College, not only during their lifetime but also for generations to come.

How to Donate

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Thank you for your support! Your gift will both benefit our students now as well as have a lasting impact on the future.