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Our Values

The members of the Cosumnes River College Anthropology Program are committed to promoting a working and learning environment of the highest quality. We strive to maintain the high quality of our program through our shared values and responsibility to our students, colleagues, campus community, and the discipline of anthropology.

To Our Students

  • We believe all our students have the ability to excel.
  • We believe our students contribute to their own learning and critical thinking.
  • We believe we can learn from our students’ experiences and perspectives.
  • We expect our students to value academic integrity.
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our students and their needs as individuals.

To Our Colleagues

  • We are accountable to our program and colleagues.
  • We respect differences of opinion among our colleagues and foster constructive dialog.
  • We respect each other’s unique experiences and characteristics as an important component of our program’s diversity.
  • We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our colleagues and their needs as individuals.
  • We foster each other’s professional growth. We promote collaboration and team work over competition.
  • We view each other as experts in the field and are willing to seek out advice when needed. 

To Our Campus Community

  • We make ourselves accountable to our campus community and district.
  • We offer our campus community a unique perspective on global issues, tolerance, cultural diversity and the human condition.
  • We share our knowledge on the relationship of humans and the environment, including valuable implications for conservation.

To the Discipline of Anthropology

  • We promote the concept of cultural relativism.
  • We promote the idea that anthropology is a holistic discipline.
  • We promote the comparative method and field methods in anthropology.
  • We promote the idea that anthropology must be made relevant to people’s every day lives.
  • We act in accordance with the ethical codes and research guidelines set forth by anthropological professional organizations.