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Ed Bush Photo

Ed Bush


Vice Presidents

Graphic silhouette of a head

Robert Montañez

Vice President, Instruction & Student Learning

Claire Oliveros Photo

Claire Oliveros

Vice President of Institutional Equity, Research and Planning

Theresa Tena Photo

Theresa Tena

Vice President Administration

Associate Vice Presidents

Tadael Emiru Photo

Tadael Emiru

Associate Vice President of Student Services

Michael Lawlor Photo

Michael Lawlor

Associate Vice President of Instruction and Student Learning

Dana Wassmer Photo

Dana Wassmer

Associate Vice President of Instruction for Economic and Workforce Development


Banafsheh Amini Photo

Banafsheh Amini

Dean, Science and Engineering

Kris Hubbard Photo

Kris Hubbard

Interim Dean, Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Health and Human Services

Virginia McReynolds Photo

Virginia McReynolds

Dean of English and Language Studies (Interim)

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Ashu Mishra

Dean, Automotive, Construction and Design Technology/Elk Grove Center

Emilie Mitchell PhD Photo

Emilie Mitchell PhD

Dean, Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Camille Moreno

Dean of Mathematics

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Hong Pham

Dean, Counseling and Student Services

Collin Pregliasco Photo

Collin Pregliasco

Dean, Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics; Athletic Director

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Joann Ramirez

Interim Dean, Student Services and Enrollment Management

Brian Rickel Photo

Brian Rickel

Dean, Arts, Media and Entertainment

Tyler Rollins Photo

Tyler Rollins

Interim Dean, Business and Computer Science

Gladis Sanchez-Pantoja Photo

Gladis Sanchez-Pantoja

Dean, Library, Learning Resources & Student Services

Sabrina Sencil Photo

Sabrina Sencil

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, Research and Planning

Directors, Managers, and Supervisors

Richard Andrews Photo

Richard Andrews

Admissions & Records Supervisor

Angela Brady Photo

Angela Brady

Financial Aid Supervisor

Tony Cartright Photo

Tony Cartright

Supervisor, Custodial Services

Tiffany Clark Photo

Tiffany Clark

Educational Center Supervisor, Elk Grove Center

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Katie DeLeon

Business Services Supervisor

Sabrina Guidi Photo

Sabrina Guidi

Maintenance Technician Supervisor

  • Office: CRC Main, Operations & Public Safety Building (OPS)
  • Email:
  • Phone: (916) 691-7088

Oscar Mendoza Plascencia Photo

Oscar Mendoza Plascencia

Interim Director of Student Equity and Engagement

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Raul Pasamonte

Project Director, TRIO Upward Bound

Jennifer Patrick Photo

Jennifer Patrick

Supervisor, Child Development Center

Chris Raines Photo

Chris Raines

Director, Administrative Services

Eva Rhodes Photo

Eva Rhodes

Counseling Supervisor

Michele Steiner Photo

Michele K. Steiner

Interim Director, Hawk CARES Center for Basic Needs & Housing Resources

Kristie West Photo

Kristie West

Communications & Public Information Officer

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Trinity Wilson

Director, TRIO – Upward Bound